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Cisco Lab

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by amin1khan, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. amin1khan

    amin1khan New Member

    I am new to Cisco and just started to setup a lab for myself, I have got these routers and switches which i got from a used computer warehouse few days ago.
    2514 -2 Nos
    2503 -2 Nos
    2600XM with AIM-VPN/BPII card + PRI 1CE1B cards
    3620 with Serial + Ethernet card
    and switches i have are
    Catalyst 2950
    Catalyst 2924 Xl -2 Nos
    Catalyst 2924C XL -2 Nos

    I have got just power cables, Please advice me what cables should i buy to setup my lab and is that hardware enough and any advice regarding setting my lab.
    Thank you.
  2. Liqua

    Liqua Bit Poster

    Excuse my ignorance but what does "nos" mean ? I passed my CCNA exam recently (640-801) but I do not remember seeing that term when describing switches / routers. I only found 1 other reference on the web and that was for a CCIE rack rental company who also used it.

    As for cables:

    DCE / CTE cables - enough to connect all routers together via the serial ports.
    Cross Over cables - enough to link your switches together to form Trunking connections
    Straight cables - enough to link your routers to the switches.

    All depends on what topology you intend to arrange your lab.

    Whilst this may not immediately help you (as my answer is a little vague) I had in my lab:

    3 * 2612 routers
    1 * 2520 router (to act as the frame-relay "cloud")
    2 * 2950 switches
    1 * ISDN simulator (tpoic retired from the 640-802 exam)

    All the routers were connected to the 2520 and configured in a "hub & spoke" format.
    2 of the routers were directly connected to each other.
    2 of the routers were connected to the switches, one per switch.
    The switches were trunked together

    For this arrangement then I needed 4 DTE/DCE cables, 4 straight RJ45 cables (2 extra to connect to the ISDN simulator), 2 cross over RJ45 cables and 5 roll over cables (though you can get away with 1 if you don't mind unplugging it from router to router !)

    I hope this helps.

    Certifications: CCNA, SND, ITIL Foundation
  3. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    2 nos probably means he's got 2 of them. Also amin1khan please introduce yourself here
    Certifications: SIA DS Licence
    WIP: A+ 2009
  4. vitamin

    vitamin Bit Poster

    Do you think he means IOS?
    Certifications: A+ N+
    WIP: 70-680

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