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Cisco Home Lab Assistance

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by bloodhound, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. bloodhound

    bloodhound New Member

    Hi guys, new user. I would really appreciate any help.
    I'm trying to setup a home lab to get my CCNA/CCNP, CCIE, Voice etc. I know the "lab" equipment doesn't necessarily cover all certs (but ideally it would be nice if it did, or keeping that in mind so that I can get something I can build on)
    I would ideally like to buy from ebay, as new equipment is very expensive. If anyone has any other sources that would be great (reliable only!).
    How can I tell if I'm getting a good deal?
    I will spend between 0-1500, obviously the less the better.
    My biggest objective is to get the most value for my money.
    I.E. I'd like to be able to setup IDS etc (especially if one lab cost only 100-200 more)
    Can anyone recommend any from the link posted (I am located in NY, USA), or things I should stay away from / look for? (Don't want to end up not having IOS or something). Again, thanks for any help.

  2. sunn

    sunn Gigabyte Poster

    Welcome to the forums…

    Not knowing much about your situation…
    Buy your lab gear with the current objective in mind but with the option to be able to upgrade to fit future needs. Requirements for the CCNA are less than the CCNP, and different than the CCVP, and so-on and so-on. Also, equipment can become outdated pretty fast.

    So unless you’re planning to get your CCNA/CCNP/… in a short amount of time, I’d say make smaller purchases at a time.
  3. phatboy

    phatboy Nibble Poster

    contact irp70 on eBay. He has supplied my last 2 lab setups. Prices arent the absolute cheapest, but he will put together a good kit for you, offer support on it, and 60 days warrenty
    Certifications: CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCA 5.0, MCP 70-290 70-270 70-431
    WIP: CCNP R&S, CCNA Wireless
  4. bloodhound

    bloodhound New Member

    Thanks guys.
    I didn't actually think of it like that. (equipment being outdated fast)
    I will most likely go for my CCNA very fast and ideally CCNP right after that.
    I really want to get into the voice, etc but I know I need a good foundation.
    I'm very microsoft technical, but trying my best to become more 'well rounded'

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