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    This is a review for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam that I took in December.
    ISACA produces a few different exams the most well known are the CISM, CISA, CRISC and CGEGIT if you look on there website it will provide more information around each one.

    As I say I took the CISA course and below is a review of what I used to study for it and what I thought of the exam.

    Firstly the training material I used was:

    The official CISA review manual this is quite a dry read but I would recommend it as it covers everything that will be in the exam.

    The official CISA questions and answers database, I downloaded the latest version rather than buying the book version it is a little bit more expensive but it is worth it as you can do things such as record your scores see what areas you are weak and focus on them. This is the most important piece of training material I used as it helps you understand the style of questions ISACA ask and what answers they are expecting. None of the questions will be on the exam but its the best tool to help you practise for the real exam question.

    I also read CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide, 2nd Edition this is a good book and a bit better than the official review manual to read as it follows better you can pass the exam without it but it's worth buying to read a few times.
    Another good study resource is if you are a member of ISACA you get access to there online library which has a lot of good books worth reading to help prepare you for the CISA.

    My final study resource was I went on a week CISA study Review this is not needed for the exam but work were paying so I decided to go, it took place a month before the exam and help to go over what I had been study for the last few months. However you can not do any studying and hope that going on the course will prepare you for the exam as it will not.

    For the exam itself it only happens three times a year and you have to book in advance and as it is a paper based exam you need to travel to wherever the exam is being held. The exam is 200 questions and you have 4 hours to answer them. Its a closed book exam.
    After the exam it takes 6 weeks to wait for you exam results then if you pass you need to get the work experience forms filled in by current and previous employees verifying your work experience you then need to send it off to ISACA with an application fee they then take up to 6 weeks to confirm you are certified.

    Overall I found the exam easier than I expected and passed with a good score and according to ISACA my score was in the top 5% of those who took the exam. The CISA exam is quite specialised and may not be for everyone it is around auditing after all but if you are interested in security and have the experience I would recommend looking in to it.
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    Thanks for the sharing great information :-)

    CISA exam is the little bit tough but if you have right study materials, you can crack it.

    According to me, A training center plays an important role in your career, so, choose the right training center.

    I would love to share few top 5 training centers:-
    • Simplilearn
    • Isaca
    • Koenig-Solutions
    • Knowledgehut
    • Cybrary

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