China shuts door to spam

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Sep 11, 2003.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">China shuts door to spam </font>
    China has blocked 127 servers sending high volumes of unsolicited email, in an attempt to change its reputation as a spammers' safe haven

    China has woken up to the problem of spam and blocked 127 servers identified as sources of high volumes of unsolicited email.

    The move is likely to send shockwaves through the international community of spammers who previously had regarded China as a safe haven in which to base their operations. An estimated 100 of North America's most prolific spammers are based in the suburbs of Beijing, according to Steve Linford, president of the London-based Spamhaus Project, which runs a spam-blocking service.

    Many spammers placed their servers in and around Beijing because they believed they were safe from Western law and of little interest to the Chinese authorities. But if that situation is now changing a drastic rethink may be in order.

    The Internet Society of China announced on Tuesday that 127 servers have been blocked. Of these, eight are based in China itself, 90 are in Taiwan and 29 are located elsewhere around the world. Any emails sent from these servers will automatically be blocked from reaching Chinese internet users.

    "This has been the first large-scale spammer blockade launched by the Chinese Internet industry," Ren Jinqiang, an ISA official, told the official state news agency Xinhua.

    Source: ZDnetUK
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    1. Phil
      :super :nospam

      well, temporarily I suppose
    2. SimonV
      From the amount of junk that just fell into my inbox I'd say they could do with another 127 servers being blocked.

    3. Jakamoko
      Agreed, SimonV - I just spent an hour going thru' 400ish - how many were genuine ?

      ZIP !!!

      :scrambles :snipersm:
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    4. flex22
      I know Si, after I read that article I went over to my inbox confident it'd be empty of junk.

      In fact, there was more than usual.

      I just paid my ISP, £4 a year for two email addresses.They said they would put this billiant anti-spam program into action, for my money.

      I thought I'd try it, and it does get rid of some spam, but I'm still getting loads of mail which is clearly spam.

      These spammers must know every trick in the book to get past anything.

      This p's me off :x

      If I ever got hold of one of these spammers, I'd make spam out of them, and feed them to pigs.

    5. Phil
      I didn't seriously expect it to stop any spammers but anything that gives spammers a kicking gets my vote. :banned

      I liked the story not so long ago where an anti spam group got hold of a spammers home address then signed him up to every junk snail mail list going, he ended up getting sacks of the stuff every day and was threatening to sue... which is rich.
    6. SimonV
      I never heard about that one Phil, that gives me a warm sence of satisfaction. :fkr
    7. Jakamoko
      :tongue Yeah, that was a great story, Phil - I remember it now !!!

      Legal action, indeed :321

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