Cheating—What Is It, Really?

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    Cheating—What Is It, Really?

    I’ve been casually following the Enron trial under way in Houston and trying to figure out what it all means, if anything. The company’s founder and CEO Ken Lay and chief operations officer Jeff Skilling were both indicted back in 2001 for basically playing fast and loose with the organization’s financial figures. Both have pled not guilty to charges that they were involved in corporate shenanigans that transformed a legitimate—but somewhat minor—energy logistics company into a out-of-control speculative giant. (In fact, Enron once ranked in the top five U.S. companies in terms of overall value, along with companies like Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil).

    Find out how this article applies to certification test taking by clicking Here.
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


    1. Rostros22
      Interesting reading

      We did have a thread open here not so long ago that runs with this

      I for one would like to see how certifications are viewed in interviews, and are employers thinking about setting up practical tests to see what potential employees ‘really’ know?
    2. darrenecm
      I'm no expert in certifications and I'm not an employer but the article is certainly right in that brain dumpers and proxy test takers may damage the credibility of certifications in the eyes of some who employ people, but I'm not so sure that this damage is as bad as it seems.

      The article says that many employers already look askance at certifications. If so, just what are these employers looking at and basing their hiring decisions on when looking for suitably qualified employees if certification is not a factor? Aren't these certifications just about the only industry-recognised indication of a potential employee’s abilities? As I said, I'm new to all this so if I'm missing something [​IMG]

      Aren’t the cheating chancers who manage to brain dump their way to certification in the minority too? Statistically speaking then, an employer is still more likely to secure a suitable and highly qualified employee if it retains a high opinion of certifications rather than ignoring them.

      In addition, I would imagine most sensible employers have in place a rigorous interview procedure designed to further tease out the best of the crop such as internal 'practical' tests of their own. If not then they only have themselves to blame...not solely the credibility of certifications. Even if a few bad apples do get through, surely they will be discovered within their probationary period of employment, and then gotten rid of?

      That said, any efforts made to secure the certification process from cheating is always going to be a good thing for all involved.

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