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Certifications training

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Reg Hickey, May 8, 2007.

  1. Reg Hickey

    Reg Hickey New Member

    Hi all,

    I am new to the forums, so I apologise if this is in the wrong place.

    I don't actually work in IT, but I'm here because I am want to get a better understanding of the IT certifications training industry. The information I am trying to find includes:

    - How big the market is for IT certifications (in terms of people and/or dollars)

    - What study options are available (eg. bootcamps, online study, CDs) and

    - Who the most popular training providers are

    Does anyone have any information on this already, or can point me in the right direction? Any help greatly appreciated!


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    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    No it's in the right place, but if you want to introduce yourself and tell everyone a little bit about your background Click here to go to New Members

    It's difficult to know how big the IT market is, because IT is forever changing. As for recommending learning providers, well CF is a big supporter of Self Study.

    However, it all depends on how you learn, wether you can do self study or would prefer to learn in a classroom based environment.

    If you use the search option at the top of the page and type in Bootcamps or learning providers such as skilltrain or NITLC you will find huge amount of feedback on learning provider.

    Good luck:biggrin
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  3. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    - How big the market is for IT certifications (in terms of people and/or dollars)

    The market is big, but like UCHEEKYMONKEY said it is always changing. But if you want to see an example, you can check out MS website with how many people are certified with MS certs. Or just look at how many school are now teaching both Cisco and MS courses.

    - What study options are available (eg. bootcamps, online study, CDs) and

    There are various options available to people, not everyone studies the same to there has to be different ways like:

    Self study (this may include books, CBT's and exam sims)
    Online (this may include MS e-clinics and online courses)
    Tutor led (this may include both private training companies and colleges/Uni's - the colleges & Uni's are normally cheaper than private training companies)

    Under tutor led there are:
    Evening classes, block day classes and boot camps (boot camps being very intensive - not suited for alot of people).

    Alot of people do use a combination of the above 3 (me being one of them)

    - Who the most popular training providers are

    This is down to the individual. So IMO:

    For CBT's: It would be Learnkey (but I do also use others)
    For Exams Sims: It would be Transcender (but I do also use others)
    For tutor led: It would be my local tech, as they use offical MS material.
    For books: It would be MS Press, Syngress, Sybex, Examcram. (but I do also use others).

    Hope this helps

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  4. Reg Hickey

    Reg Hickey New Member

    Thanks for your replies!

    Ken, I have a couple of follow-up questions for you, if that's OK.

    First, the numbers of people with MS certs was interesting - do you know if they keep track of those numbers just for the UK? I had a bit of a look around the site myself but couldn't find anything further.

    Second, what are CBTs (sorry if this is a really dumb question)?

    Third, I have browsed quite a few websites of companies that offer certification training. There certainly are lots of them! Most seem to offer various types of tutor led or classroom courses for something like £4,000 – £6,000 (for MCSE), and there are a few with CD courses for anything from £200 – £1,500, and a few like Transcender who seem to offer practice exams and study aids. I'm a bit surprised that I can't seem to find a lot of online courses. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places? Do you know of any good online course providers?

    I can see that self study is promoted by most here, but I would like to know what the more formal training options are as well.

    Thanks again!
  5. jafri_86

    jafri_86 New Member

    Welcome to the forum. I am in the same position as you at the moment. I am a Junior Sports Scientist :dry and I am going through a career change into I.T. I looked at a lot of companies and then I found JCB training. I am planning to go with their 7 weeks course but I recieved a lot of advice from members of the forum and I really thought about it. I cannot learn something in 7 weeks even if I put my back into it. I mean come on even if you will pass their course your own mind will not have enough knowledge like your fellow workers might do.

    I have signed up for a HND in Computer and Information systems, part time while I will be working full time and saving up as much as possible. Once I have done my HND and believe that I have adequate knowledge and worth in the industry then I will train with the company to get me a job. I mean thats just me. I don't know if this helps you or not. After my HND I need to study the final year of computer Information systems degree and I will have the degree.

    I can teach you all I know in 7 weeks about diet and how to make energy drinks but you will not be as good as me because I have had longer tutoring and help. I hope you understand what I am saying but if you do go with a trainer I suggest you look for one carefully otherwise there are few folks here who have been robbed of their saving. Being ambitious is very good but its the planning that gets the job done. Take care and enjoy yourself :blink
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  6. Andy1962

    Andy1962 New Member

    Hi Reg.

    I've been checking out lots of providers too and judging by the prices you've quoted we've probably been looking at a lot of the same sites.
    Personally, im going for the A+ self study route with a training vid (time4training.co.uk) and a couple of good books.

    One site i did come across on my searches which looks like it provdies excellant material is sandline-training.co.uk.

    I'm only mentioning them because at the moment they're offering 12 month access to ALL their on line courses for £995.... thats MCSE,MSCA,mc this, cisco that, ccnp, cissp, and all those other letters which are complete double dutch to me at the moment. (78 courses apparently ~ nearly 20 grands worth)
    I cant vouch for them personally but they do look very good ~ worth a look at least.

    btw CBT = computer based training
  7. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Do you have a website link for JCB training ?


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