Certification Helps with Path to Linux Jobs

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    Certification Helps with Path to Linux Jobs

    You don't have to have a Linux certification to get a job working with Linux, but it can't hurt. Simply working on Linux is easy. Join a Linux community like The Debian Project, Red Hat's Fedora, Novell's OpenSUSE, or half-a-hundred projects and go for it. Of course, you won't get paid, and 95 percent of the work on Linux projects is programming. So, if you want a salary, and your skills lie in system administration or network management, it behooves you to look into Linux certifications.

    To read the complete article, click Here.
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


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      Good find Trip. Thanks :thumbleft
    2. Boycie
      no, it can't be bad at all. I have to say that most business' want services for the best price possible :tune

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