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Certification for Change of Career Direction

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by DogMachine, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. DogMachine

    DogMachine New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I just joined as I'm having a bit of an epiphany!

    I've been working in ITIL Change Management as a contractor for just over 5 years now and am looking to move into something else.

    I have a semi-technical background having done a Computer Science degree and some support roles at IBM after uni.

    I'm interested in moving into Storage (SAN or VMWare) or security (possibly CEH)...

    Does anyone have any experience of training providers (I've already read some horror stories about Firebrand)? I've taken a look at ITGovernance too, but obviously I'd like to get a warm feeling surrounding the credibility of some of these organisations...

    Many thanks!
    Certifications: ITILv2 Foundation

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