CertCities.com’s 10 Hottest Certifications for 2006

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    CertCities.com’s 10 Hottest Certifications for 2006

    _omni_ suggested this item and I can't believe I haven't posted it here already. Thanks _omni_.

    So we’re at it again: Trying to predict the future of IT certification with our annual hot cert list. If you’ve read previous installments of this article, you probably already know everything we’ll cover in the following introduction by heart, but we have to say it anyway to make sure everyone’s clear on what we are -- or aren’t -- trying to do here. To start off, this is NOT a list of overall popularity. If we did that, Microsoft’s MCP would win every year. Instead, we’re looking for the certifications that we think will be the most influential in 2006, the ones that will grow the fastest, the ones that we think will show the true future of IT certification. As a simple analogy, think of it more as a Billboard Hot 100 singles list -- instead of the most popular songs, we’re looking for the ones that will rise the fastest.

    Read the whole article Here
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


    1. michael78
      I always check this article out since they started a few years back. It's a pretty good read but a bit generalised. They should really do one for the major areas in IT like programming & engineers to make it a bit more relavant.
    2. arisen
      CCIE at number 6? Hmmm

      Red Hat number 1? Errrr

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