CertBlaster guarantee or moneyback?

Discussion in 'A+' started by CareerChange, Oct 23, 2019.

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    does anyone have any experience of them?
    how can they be so confident we will pass the a+?
    my understanding is that comptia refresh the questions every few months so certblaster cant know the questions
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    No one can guarantee that you will pass the official CompTIA exam.

    CertBlaster says that they will refund your purchase price for the CertBlaster.

    These are the terms of the CertBlaster guarantee:


    “Guarantee period covers 6-months within date of activation key delivery but you have to have studied for four weeks in CertBlaster prior to going up for the test. Exam failures that occur before the date of CertBlaster activation do not qualify for the guarantee.”

    1. “To claim the guarantee you must be the registered user of the CertBlaster® product.”
    2. “If the purchase is a CertBlaster® Practice Exam Bundle then the 6-months guarantee period applies to each exam separately.”
    3. “Returns must be sent to us no later than 10 days after you’re failing score report date.”
    4. “You must be able to show us a 95% or better grade on at least two different CertBlaster exams (in certification mode) relevant to the certification you failed (screen shots will do fine, see below). These grades must be obtained prior to going up for the exam but can’t be older than 30 days prior to the exam date.”
    5. “You must provide the CompTIA Certification Exam Score Report with a failing grade on the exam corresponding to the CertBlaster exam prep you bought.”
    6. “When you claim our First Try Guarantee, the activation for that CertBlaster will be cancelled.”
    “Understand that you will not be reimbursed more than you spent. So if you were able to buy the CertBlaster® product at a discounted price then you would be reimbursed for that price as opposed to the full price.”
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