CD-ROM causing crashes

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by punkboy101, Sep 20, 2004.

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    Hi All

    Last friday i got called out to a job where two machines on a network had stopped responding, and the lady thought she may have a virus infection. So i turned up, and a sure enough, both machines were extremly slow, and I had trouble accessing anything. So I checked it all out, and couldn't find anything obvious. So I asked her if she had made any changes to either machine, and she told me that she had inserted some CD's that she uses for back-up's. (wow i though, someone non techie that actually knows the importance of backing up!!!!)

    So, after figuring out that the CD drive's on both machines wern't working, and with this new found information, I proceeded to remove the CD-ROM's from the drive's, and presto, everything worked like it should.:D

    Now, I know that CD's can go bad if scratched/damaged/whatever, but I could see no obvious problem,and she had been using these CD-RW's for 3 weeks (She changes them every two months), with no problem's up till then.

    My question really, is has anybody encountered this before, and if so, did you find the reason. I'm thinkin that it's a bad batch of CD's, but I'm not sure because they worked fine up until then.

    Not a problem, as it's sorted now, but I'm interested to find out exactly what went wrong. Had a quick search on google, and found nothin usefull. :(

    BTW, here is the entry in the event log. I know it is not the drive's themselve's, as I tried it on machine's at work and home, (XP, XP Pro, Win2KPro, Win98SE and Win2K3 Server) and all had the same problem:

    An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom0 during a paging operation.


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    if the CDs were corrupted while they were being written too last time this would cause this problem, the CD drive would have a hard time polling the CD and Windows would report this as an error on the CD drives part (it doesnt know any better)
    try wipe those CDRs (full erase) and try re writing some data to them, if the CDs start to work find you have salvaged some CDs, if not, chuck em :)
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