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Discussion in 'Voice' started by FizzerJE, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. FizzerJE

    FizzerJE New Member

    Hello people.

    New to the forums. Look intresting and informative though.. :biggrin

    Question about a CCVP Lab

    Just wondering what you guys are looking for in a CCVP lab. A few posts here say it's quite an expensive one to setup.

    I am currently doing my CCNA and router wise, all be it not ideal setup that I got mostly free, I have:

    2 x 1721 - 1 x bri and 1 x wic1t each
    2 x 2610xm - Still to get cards for them they have 12.4

    Was wondering what to keep an eye out for card, router and switch wise.
    Lots of recommendations for the CCNP BUT as I aim to go CCVP I want my lab I am putting together to be future proof..


    Any advice greatly appreciated..

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