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CCNP TShoot Study Partner / Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by IceBlue, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. IceBlue

    IceBlue New Member

    Hi All!

    I hope you're all doing well in your Cisco studies :D

    Just to break the ice, here's the situation I find myself in. I enrolled in at a IT college in London in July 12 for a full time CCNP course. I completed my CCNA in May 12 with the same college. The course was to be split into 'bootcamps' of three each lasting 5 days for the respective Route, Switch and TShoot modules. During 2012, the Route and Switch modules took place as scheduled, but during late 2012 the lecturer had major issues with the management of the college and stormed out. Thankfully, I've passed both Route and Switch. In February I spoke to the college about my concerns of the next TShoot class (as it kept getting delayed), and when it would be scheduled, if at all. From the meeting it transpired that they haven't found a replacement for the Cisco Lecturer and the TShoot class would be delayed indefinitely.

    I decided to undertake self study of the TShoot module, and need some advice. If there's anyone out there looking for a TShoot study partner please can you get in touch. The lecturer left a working TShoot lab (similar to the one in the lab manual) in the college, but someone took it apart and no one knows where things are, so essentially there's is no longer a working lab and college has messed up 5 students courses.

    I've been watching CBT Nuggets to aid my learning, purchased the TShoot foundation earning book and Cisco TShoot lab manual, however, both CBT and the Lab Manual reference a lab Topology that I can't recreate. CBT Nuggets pointed to nil.com for lab access but at £350 for 7 days access, its bloody expensive!!!

    My questions:

    1. Can anyone point me to websites where I can rent rack time with the same topology as used in the Lab Manual or anything similar
    2. Can anyone give me advice on what to focus on during studies as the book is over 400 pages long, and my eyes itch just looking at it!
    3. General advice on TShoot tactics, websites, videos, lab setups etc
    4. Also if anyone is looking for a TShoot partner - please get in touch as self study can be sooooooooo tedious and being self motivated is a skill I'm working on at the moment, feels like I'm SIA!

    Many thanks & regards, IceBlue

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