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CCNA Voice

Discussion in 'Voice' started by AlexJ, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. AlexJ

    AlexJ Bit Poster

    I saw a previous topic that said something about CCNA Voice, but I would like to know if any of you guys took the IIUC exam? How is it?
    I am thinking about taking the examam in the next 5 days... I don't really have practical experience with Cisco VoIP but i did take a course for CVOICE about a year ago and I really like the IP Telephone area.
    But I'm not sure what are my chances...so, any reviews on the CCNA Voice exam?
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  2. CLIGuru

    CLIGuru New Member


    I took the CCNA Voice Exam a few weeks ago but failed it got 714 which was 76 points away from the pass mark of 790.

    I wouldn't say its exceptionally hard compared to the CCNA anyway but there are a lot of questions on configuring Ephones, Ephone DN's, Voice Features within CME and a lot of questions on configuring UC500 also so you need to know this inside out.
    You will also need to know the basics of Analogue to Digital Conversion such as Sampling, Quantizization and Compression as mentioned in the Exam Cert Guide, plus the common Signalling Protocols used and whether they are peer to peer ect.
    I intend to re-take this Exam within the next few weeks just to get it out of the way so I can move onto CCVP / CCNP

    Good luck in your studies!

  3. Delgee

    Delgee Bit Poster

    Thanks CLIGuru, the information you provided was very helpful. I intend to take it maybe next month so now I know that I need to put heavy importance on those topics.

    Once again, I appreciate it.

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    WIP: CCNA Voice
  4. cavey76

    cavey76 Bit Poster

    Delgee, My understanding is that there is a fair amount of crossover between the two exams. Check out CBTNuggets as even the website will detail the two courses they offer and you can see from there the differences between the two. I would heartily recommend their materials as a good fundamental. If you have packet tracer from doing your CCNA 5.2 onward allows some Voice config so that should help with CLI knowledge

    good luck

    Certifications: MCSE Server 2003, MCTS OCS2007 R2, CCNA
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