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CCNA Security Reaining Course Options

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by rcorbet, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. rcorbet

    rcorbet New Member


    I am thinking of attending a non official CCNA Security IINS course in the UK. I have looked at a few courses on the web and if anybody has attended one of these they might respond with their experience/reviews on the quality of the course.

    - The Learning Network http://www.thelearningnet.co.uk/ccnasec.htm £499 + VAT (4 Days)
    - The IT Net Academy http://www.ciscoccnatraining.co.uk/cisco/ccna/courses/ccna_3_day_security.html £349 + VAT (3 Days)
    - NetworksInc http://www.networksinc.co.uk/CCNA_Security_Training.htm £512 + VAT (3 days)
    - Commsupport http://commsupport.co.uk/02_sec.htm £495 + VAT (5 Days)

    thanks in advance

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