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CCNA Security and CCSP lab recomendations

Discussion in 'Network Security' started by RJ, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. RJ

    RJ New Member

    Hi all!

    I just recently passed my CCNA and will be starting to work on the CCNA Security and CCSP shortly. Packet tracer did a decent job of supporting me through the CCNA but now that I am starting to get into the real meat of the Cisco world it seems like the best path is to get some real equipment to play on.

    I am not made of money so I need to be selective and go for what will get me the most mileage. My initial plan is to try and shoot for a decent core (CCNA Security level) upfront and then add to it overtime as I progress into the CCSP. I don't expect to be able to get an amazing lab considering the cost of the higher end and more specialized pieces of hardware but my goal is to get a functional lab that will provide a good out of class sandbox that will cover most things.

    To start I was looking a set of 2620xm 128/32 routers since they were cheap but will these provide enough of a backbone for the CCNA Security and CCSP material? Going back to the idea of getting the most mileage out of my money would I be better served in the long run trying to get some better hardware like a pair of 1841's on eBay (provided I can get them at a reasonable price) instead of a few 2620's?

    On the switching side, as far as I can tell the 2950's seem to be a pretty standard part of most labs and I don’t *think* I will be needing a layer 3 switch. So I was looking at two of those.

    I do have a single ASA5505 which I bought a while back to replace an old crappy dlink home router so I figured when I get to the firewall portion of the CCSP I could just get a second unit when and if needed.

    Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated :)



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