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ccna design project

Discussion in 'Design' started by b2051758, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. b2051758

    b2051758 Bit Poster

    Hi all,

    Wondering if any one could give me some tips. Just starting out on my CCNA and I've been given network to design and cost. Budget of about £500,000.
    Basically I've been given a building plan of 8 floors, with the pop on the ground. In total there will be about 3000 users, two physical networks, one for admin, and one for teaching.
    I'm just a little overwhelmed as where to start. I've split the building floors into 4 areas each where 90m would reach for the horizontal cabling, and now thinking of having the access switches in these 4 areas. What's the best way to connect the switches together in the 4 areas of each floor and would fibre uplinks from these switches be the best option to the MDF? Am I right in saying, switches on the top and bottom of each stack only need to have fibre? Could I connect all the switch stacks together using fibre, with the top and bottom switches having one fibre connection each, and then on two stacks have these connections going to the MDF? I've put in a diagram below to show what I mean.

    Thanks for any help
  2. Cunningfox

    Cunningfox Byte Poster

    Lovely little project :).

    I'd start with asking myself some questions:

    Are servers or storage on site? If so where are they together or spread, is there a server room etc. Will this have to be considered as well.
    Is external connectivity taken care off or do you need to include this in your plan?
    How do you want to manage the users, seperate vlans per floor? per room? what makes logical sense for the building and user layout.
    Is there cable already run? If so where and what standards.
    Is there space to create a small equipment room on each floor? If not are wall mounts or mobile cabs an option?
    Any security concerns? firewalls etc and physical security to prevent tampering.

    Essentially work out everything needed, what is in the requirements and what is outside. You could have some substancial fixed costs like cable running or external connectivity or things like air con for equipment rooms or even power supplies, ups and generators. Once you've had a good think and discussions about what's needed I'd suggest creating a proposal document stating out exactly what is the requirements, whats in your remit and what's not. Get this document approved and your ass is covered providing you stick to it. Then you can start thinking about the network itself.

    On that note I'd recomend having a look at the CCDA and CCDP books as there is some good stuff design wise in them.
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