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    I would just like some advise. which would be the best way to go about studying CCNA and CCNP. I have done my A+ and N+ certifictaion, and just want to further my studies.
    Where is the best place to get the study material?

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    personally i dont think the Cisco courses are theory only exams, i think you need to get some hands on experiance with some kit
    which makes it a whole lot more complicated than studying for an MCSE
    I actually went on courses for my NA/DA/NP/DP/IE Written and all in all i must of spent about 6K
    You could however start to construct a home lab by picking up what you can online at Ebay, routers are going for 50 - 100 quid a pop, compared to a course that runs for 1 - 5k, so you can pick up a fair bit of kit and still save a fortune!

    I recommend the cisco books, although not the easiest of reading they are the most concise for the course, and pick up the exam crams if you want, they are also very good, but again you idealy need a lab
    for the NA its prety simple, it gets a bit more advanced for the NP, epsecially if you want to try IDSN dialing and such

    however there are locations on the net that you can 'rent' pods as they are known, basically racks of kit connected into a useful network config, with no configs!, you ahve to configure each device to work in the network as inteneded, and some of these include ISDN simulators, which are pricey

    check out (i think)
    they have a pay version which is $15 for 4 hours, is aimed at IE training but would work for NP too if your good, it comes with an ISDN line simulator and stuff, and the free labs are often very subscribed!!
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  3. Chants

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    Thanks a lot thats a great help.
    Im getting 2 router from a family member of mine whose done this before and works with it. so they will help. i would always prefer to have hands on as well as text books.

    :thumbleft :thumbleft
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