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    New to the forum and I hope I can get some help in the venture in achieving my CCENT/CCNA.

    I have done lots of research and been have come to the conclusion of using:

    3x 2621XM's and/or 3x2821'S (Routers)
    3x 3750 / 3350 (Switches)

    I eventually want to venture into CCNP onwards and was looking at the Cisco 2901/2921 etc but would that be overkill as would like to futureproof myself by spending the little extra.

    In all fairness the model hierarchy really confuse me in the Cisco world so any advice would be greatly appreiciated. I have looked at the GNS3 route however I just love the feel of physical labs and would love to impliment this in a Microsoft Server enviroment should I follow that route after gaging a good knowledge of core networking.

    If this helps I will be using the CBT Nugget video's in conjunction with some Cisco Certified Press and some other online research here and there.

    I also posted this on DaniWeb but I have been pointed to the virtual environment which I potentially will use at some point but prefer hands on, I just really struggle with what equipment I can buy to cover myself but also been advised the equipment I have listed is over a decade old?

    Many Thanks


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