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Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by Luton Bee, Nov 22, 2004.

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    Ladles and jellyspoons I wonder if you could advise me?

    I have just started to study the CCNA using the Sybex book supplied by the NITLC and upon reading the preface/introduction it seems to place a heavy emphasis on real "hands-on" practice with routers, switches and other such H/W. It even suggests usuing simulation software from if you can't use real stuff. What I want to know is this (before I spend about $200 US on this simulation softwware)

    1) Is this author correct in his assertion that you must have hands-on experiance before even contemplating sitting the exam?

    2) Does the NITLC workshop in anyway compensate for the lack of hands-on you would have by simply using the book?

    3) Has anyone used the Routersim software, and is it worth the cost?

    Many thanks in advance peeps
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    yes you should get some hands on experiance
    yes its pretty much a requirement
    no dont spend $200 on software, as that would get you a router or two on ebay!

    also check out (i think)
    there fully booked for the most part, but they have a pay counterpart as well ($15 for 4 hours)
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