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CCNA and CCNA voice starter

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by Marky, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Marky

    Marky New Member

    Hi guys, Just signed up on here looking for some information, found this website after googling networksinc for some reviews on CCNA training and reading one review on here confirmed what I had suspected one weekend is not enough, I did find commsupport on google before and it seems quite well respected on here?.

    I have over 7 years experince in the telecoms industry mainly voice (mainly in the wholesale minutes side) but have been out of that industry for around 3 years now but really wanting to get back into it I have had a few interviews lately but although my previous experince was a good match I feel my lack of recent experince has let me down, i feel getting CCNA will compensate for that as well as opening up more opportunities for me as the CCNA voice would imo be a big benefit.

    I have frankly very limited exposure to cisco equipment but am a quick learning and very logical and techincal (all imo of course but would say my previous experince can attest to that), I do have basic understanding of networks and have worked on quite a few different switches in my time from PBX's from my time at siemens to nortel dms's.

    As said before I was thinking of the networksinc training given the fact money is tight and is the cheapest and 'seems' to offer a lot but at 495 plus vat 795 plus vat for the commsupport CCNA plus CCNA voice seems a lot better deal and isnt crammed into 2 days (i would assume it is over 10 days?, 6 for ccna and 4 for voice). I of course would study before entering the training as well as getting a home lab kit (link below).

    Would anyone in the know recommend this training?, CCNA and CCNA voice via commsupport?

    This is the lab I have found and again 'seems' ok
    Edit, cant post links so the ebay item number is 110803224485
    Can anyone recommend cisco books to get to start me off on this?

    Or anyone have any other recommendations, any help would be very well recieved

    I have around 1,2k for the lab and training


  2. NetworkVeteran

    NetworkVeteran New Member

    It was for me! There are more similarities between the operating systems and protocols of various vendors (Cisco, Juniper, etc.) than there are differences. That's, indeed, the reason there are RFCs and IEEE specs! If one vendor comes up with a successful feature, it's not long before other vendors clone it, with perhaps some minor improvements. The CCNA coverage is light enough that if you touched a protocol much at all during your career a quick brush-up is all that's needed. For example, the OSPF sections don't cover multi-area (gasp!), LSA types (gasp!), redistribution (gasp!) or how to troubleshoot neighbor issues (gasp!). You get harder OSPF questions in real networks or interviews.

    As for materials, I went with: (1) a practice test to identify gaps in my knowledge, (2) a book to fill in those gaps, (3) a router/switch simulator to practice and solidify the concepts I was weakest on. Specifically I used Trascender tests, Lammle's book, and Netsim for simulations. There are many decent practice test vendors, Cisco Press obviously writes reasonably good books, and there are cheaper sim options if you're on a tight budget.

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