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Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by OldGuy1177, Jul 19, 2016.

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    I obtained CompTIA Network+ certification recently and I have decided to get CCNA next. So I was looking at some youtube videos and found out that CCNA 200-120 expires next month and they will update the exam and call it CCNA 200-125. It's about a month away from update and I don't think I can cover all studying materials within that time frame and pass CCNA 200-120. If anyone can answer my questions, it will be very helpful.

    1. Will current CCNA 200-120 studying materials be valid for CCNA 200-125? I hear they change things a bit and focused more on ipv6.

    2. There is training video for CCNA 200-125 on youtube from Networking. Is this guy's video any good? Everyone said good things on comments but I am not so sure. I saw first 3 videos of series but his videos seem to be no where near professor Messer's videos.

    3. How much of CCNA materials was covered in Network+? As I said on question 2, I saw first 3 videos of NetworKing's CCNA 200-125 videos and they were all covered materials in Professor Messer's videos for Network+ exam.
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    1. There is a slight change, I would definitely go for the updated content.
    3. CCNA is much broader than Network+ and in certain cases it focuses on Cisco's implementation of a technology rather than giving you full vendor-neutral picture like when you learn for Network+.

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