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CCENT OR MCSA server ?

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by SteverFer, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. SteverFer

    SteverFer New Member

    I am looking for some guidance on which exam to take, I am a desktop engineer with about 3 years experience , I am looking to get a role which involves alot more server/ back end work in the next year or so, I have very little server/ networking experience at the moment and its very hard to get any in my job. I have just completed a N+ but I'm now wondering whether to go for a CCENT and then MCSA Server '12 or just go for the MCSA now. I would prefer a server engineer role than network engineer but I'm thinking of going for the CCENT for a few reasons, I passed the N+ and found it ok, but I feel I've got alot of theory without actually knowing how to do a huge amount with, and a CCENT would re-enforce that by going deeper and narrower , while giving hands on experience with IOS and labs(I have no experience with this). I also think if I am going to do the CCENT I may aswell do it now when the N+ is still fresh in my head and I'll find it easier and can get to the MCSA quicker. My question is, would the CCENT help a possible future server engineer in his future career if they currently have basic networking knowledge and no Cisco skills, or is there very little crossover and I should just stick to the Server exams ?
  2. Beerbaron

    Beerbaron Megabyte Poster

    I studied the previous CCENT exam and although it is fairly vendor specific it still covers networking in general. It would definitely help add something to your skills but if its something you are not interested in then i would go for the MCSA.
    Certifications: BSc (Hons), MSc, ITIL v3F, MCP, MCDST, MCITP: edst7, MCTS, MCSA: Server 2003, MCSA: Windows 7, N+, NVQ IT lvl 3, MCSA Windows 7, VCP5, CCENT, CEH

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