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Career in IT need advise

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Dr_H, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Dr_H

    Dr_H New Member

    Hi to all.

    I used to be a recruiter for IT professional in design and development. I have always had a keen interest in computers and am very logical/solution focused.

    I have been considering for some time now, taking a course to study the MCPD. I have searched a couple of training providers but of course I am wary of getting stripped up. I have an understanding of the technologies used and the market place in which they operate and have a keen interest in web design and development.

    Can anyone suggest a Training provider I can get in contact with? or is anyone willing to offer there expert knowledge in return.

    I really have no technical ability and would be starting from scratch but I'm a fast learner.

    hopefully your help will lead to me starting a career in recruitment.
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  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Does being cabin crew make you a pilot ? Does working at a Hertz booking desk make you a mechanic ?

    Having been an IT recruiter gives you zero insight into software development or the technologies used. You require DEEP insight into many subjects, not just vague knowledge of a few buzzwords.

    No I would not reccomend any TP I know of to learn MCPD material, I'd reccomend a foundation degree in Computer Science from a reputable college, then experience and self study.

    For someone with little knowledge/experience you are realistically talking a few years before MCPD, not weeks or months.

    If you have a keen interest in development, have you learnt any languages or written any programs ?

    You mention you have 'no technical ability', generally people begin as hobbyists, they learn a lot of technical stuff just out of interest before they begin development. Do you know what command shell, file system, CPU, memory, binary arithmetic, etc are ?

    People don't become rally drivers overnight, they start young with an old banger and learn how to drive and make mechanical repairs etc. They generally learn the core skills inside out well before they earn any money.

    I think 'coding katas' are a great way to start out as a beginner, however it sounds like you need to build up some general foundation knowledge first before you even begin to program. Maybe something like a computer science introductory textbook. You could try the A+ but its teaches from a technicians viewpoint so will miss a lot of stuff and cover extra non-essential stuff.

    There is also a M150 course from the OU you could try to build up your general knowledge.

    Surely you mean a career in development not recruitment in your last sentence ?

    I'm not in the UK at present but might be able to give some help here and there.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2011
  3. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Agree :)

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  4. welshwaynejack

    welshwaynejack Bit Poster

    If your nterested in web design how good are your creative skills? I would probably recommend you do a BETEC at a college or go do a HND degree in web design and upgrade that to a BSC....Web design jobs tend to be contract base unless you can be lucky to be employed by a web design company...

    As you mentioned your interested also in MCPD..I would recommend you dont touch that certificaton unless you have some real programming experience...Software development is a large and diverse area and buying a few programming books isn't really going to teach you how to program...

    Visual Basic, C#, C, ASP, Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Perl, Python.. the lst goes on with programming languages and you would need to learn the basics first before tackling all the languages...My past lectuer used to tell us "programming is like learning a foreign language..you need to learn the foundamentals..."

    I believe IT needs to start introducing standards...like doctors, accountants and other likeminded professions...
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