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Cannot Access FTP Server From Different Subnet

Discussion in 'Networks' started by Rover977, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Rover977

    Rover977 Byte Poster

    Hi I have a strange problem occurring with accessing (via IE) a W2K3 FTP server (IIS v6.0) from a 2nd subnet - I wonder if anyone knows what could be the problem. Accesses from the same subnet are OK, but any machine on the second subnet receives the following error message :-

    [ see attachment ]

    I am running everything on a VMWare rig, and using a RRAS on a W2K3 VM as a router between the two subnets. No packet filtering is switched on in the router and all firewalls are switched off on all machines.

    If in IIS I change the FTP Server port number to something other than 21 and access it via that then all is well, even from the second subnet.

    In Windows XP/2K3 Firewall I know there is a configuration option under Exceptions for 'File Transfer Program' called 'Change Scope', and this specifies which source subnets are allowed to access the FTP service on the host machine, eg you can set it to only the local subnet.

    BUT I have no such firewall configured on my W2K3 FTP server. The Windows Firewall/ICS service isn't even running.

    It seems as if the router is filtering the packets destined for port 21, but in the RRAS config no packet filtering is switched on, so how could this be?

    I also have a wireless router on the second subnet for internet access, but I'm sure that's not interfering with it, as I temporarily set the default gateway to the w2k3 router as an experiment, to avoid going via the wireless router, to get to the FTP server, and this had no effect - same problem occurs.

    Many thanks if anyone can help.

    PS just tried the command line FTP command and hosts on the problematic second subnet CAN access the FTP server no problem using this. It is only IE as an FTP client that has a problem -but why?

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