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Can your machine run Vista?

Discussion in 'News' started by Boycie, May 25, 2006.

  1. Boycie
    Honorary Member

    Boycie Senior Beer Tester

    Take a look here and see....
    Certifications: MCSA 2003, MCDST, A+, N+, CTT+, MCT


    1. rwilmot
      wow. Not exactly "average Joe's" home PC is it..
    2. zimbo
      so vista will be supplied on a DVD - cleaver very cleaver even though they are cheap now.

      1GB of RAM and 128MB card? :eek: 15GB space... who in the work enviroment is going to upgrade? you know what this means?

      Corporate networks in three maybe four years time are very very likely still running XP - thus MCSE 2003 will still be very useful. Its gonna cost a fortune to upgrade PCs or replace the old ones! :x
    3. Mr.Cheeks
      i heard that they only support one type of format for dvds, cant remember whether it was + or - .
    4. JonnyMX
      Aaaaaaw B0ll0ck$
    5. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      The only people I can see upgrading are gamers, and that's soley because of Dx 10. Not sure I'll bother though unless I get Vista with a new rig.
    6. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      I couldn't find it through Boyce's link but here is an application that will tell you what needs upgrading to run Vista.
    7. Lord Deckard
      Lord Deckard
      Well, even my spare box can handle the Vista Premium experience™!! No intention of going out day one and splashing the case, give it a good few months to bed in and work some of the bugs out. Plus, the adviser isn't to happy about a few of my toys (TV tuner etc) so I can wait. The one thing that is tempting me is the way Vista integrates with the Xbox 360 so you can stream media from your PC. But I am strong of heart! I can wait LOL!!

      Lord Deckard.
    8. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      I think you can do that with Media Centre as well.
    9. Mr.Cheeks
      aswell as the normal XBOX...
    10. Boycie
      Good point Zim. I know of a Hospital that still run 2K.
    11. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      I really think MS are shooting themselves in the foot here. Most companies have no business need for dedicated graphics cards so who's going to buy them just to run Vista?
    12. Mr.Cheeks
      perhaps they would once they find out the security advantages of Vista...
    13. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      Or perhaps they won't bother when they find out the security advantages of Linux:twisted:.
    14. Boycie
      I don't think anyone is ever in a rush to upgrade to anything, especially if it means money and problems!
    15. Mr.Cheeks
      other than having Vista pre-installed on a machine that you have just purchased, i reckon people might wait until the 1st SP is out.
    16. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      Exactly. We're still running XP SP 1 at work because "there's no business need for SP2", so I can't see us rushing to get Vista deployed.
    17. zimbo
      thats a major security issue - tell me you atleast are up-to-date with patches and security warnings? :blink
    18. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      Oh hell yeah. The network at work is probably the most secure of any company I've ever worked for. We just don't need the extra functionality SP 2 offers (Security Centre etc).
    19. nugget

      Only if you go for the high end features.

      I already have CTP version of Vista running in VMWare with just this setup (above) and it works just fine, if a little slow because of this.

      When you look at it properly, most of the pc's shipped today are already Vista ready in terms of hardware.

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