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Can the Mac Counter Windows Vista?

Discussion in 'News' started by zimbo, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. zimbo
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    Can the Mac Counter Windows Vista?

    Apple is already gearing up for a major marketing campaign for the holidays, and if they're able to ramp up demand, and then deliver the system when they say it will be delivered, it could trump Microsoft in a way that Apple's CEO Steve Jobs would crow about for years.

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    1. simongrahamuk

      Damn right it can! :biggrin

      Ok, I'll shut up now! :p
    2. zimbo
      do i smell someone leaving behind windows and making a full 360 degree turn over to Mac OS? hmm maybe we should take him over to the linux side? :biggrin
    3. simongrahamuk
      Slowly making progress that way mate!

      As you know, OS X is built on a version of BSD, which is a Unix derivient (Is that the right choice of word? Someone with good gramattical skills help me out here please!). When trying to resolve a problem today I had to, well, chose to), Open up a terminal and look at the Bash shell. Ok, so all I did was some pinging and ifconfigs, but I was in there none the less! I may even look for a basic Bash guide, I'm sure I know someone who could help me with that! :biggrin
    4. zimbo

      i got and i find it quite good...
    5. Bluerinse
      It should say..

      As you know, OS X is built on a version of BSD, which is a Unix devient :twisted:
    6. ffreeloader

      You're looking for the word "derivative".

      Let's hope, and I really think Apple will, make a dent in MS's monopoly as Vista is going to have a lot of problems. No 32-bit version of Vista will be able to play the upcoming dvd formats so it's going to force a lot of people to upgrade hardware, and that is going to irritate a lot of people.... Those people may very well change OS's and many will go to an OS that they have to pay for as they do not understand the concepts of FOSS.
    7. Bluerinse
      No Simon is after that word, I picked the right one, though clearly in a failed attempt at humour :biggrin

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