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    I got this as part of an e-mail from MCP Magazine and thought there might be some of you who would fit the bill:


    MCP Magazine needs reviewers. We are looking for reviewers
    who can test gear against live enterprise networks, or
    extensive in-house testing and staging labs. You may be in a
    medium or large enterprise, or a University.

    Get a chance to look at leading edge tools, put in your two
    cents, and get published in the Number One Magazine for
    Windows Professionals.

    Writing background is preferred, but what we really care about
    is a strong technical background, well-informed opinions, and
    access to robust networks for testing.

    If interested, contact Doug Barney, Reviews Editor, at
    mailto:[email protected] or [email protected], or
    call 508-875-6644, ext 20.

    Click here to start your subscription!

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    Copyright 2003 101communications LLC. MCP Magazine News may only be
    redistributed in its unedited form. Written permission from the editor
    must be obtained to reprint the information contained within this
    newsletter. Mailto:[email protected]
    Certifications: A+ and Network+

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