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buying computer for studies

Discussion in 'A+' started by TheLostNoose, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. TheLostNoose

    TheLostNoose New Member

    This is my first post so hello to all,

    I'm currently self-studying for the A+ using Mike Meyers book and have just obtained the PC Technician Street Smarts. Would it be worthwhile buying a computer to help me in my studies. I've always been around computers but so far as the hardware is concerned i.e getting inside the case, replacing parts, it's a complete no no.

  2. chuckles

    chuckles Kilobyte Poster

    Well, if you've never had those hands inside a case, this would be a good time to start! I suggest that if you have a local repair shop that you ask if they have something that they are getting rid of (if it's not too badly in need of repair :D ). A lot of people will take their old systems in and decide its not worth the cost/trouble to get them repaired and the shop may "recycle" them for them. Where I live there is a repair shop that has a big bin outside their shop where they put the rejects. The biggest problem would be you probably wouldn't get a hard drive. But if you have a hard drive sitting around and you have the OS installation disks of the same flavor and the "reject" system has the OS sticker on the side you can legally install the OS. Just a thought.
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    WIP: maybe something Apple
  3. chuckles

    chuckles Kilobyte Poster

    One other thought. Even if you don't have the OS disks, you can usually get them for 20-30 bucks from the company that built the box (i.e. if the box is a Dell you call up Dell with the serial number etc and buy the disks). I was given a 3 year old Dell laptop (actually the women only wanted her data off the HD because it wouldn't boot up and since she had replaced the laptop she let me keep it). I retrieved her data and replaced the HD. I called up Dell and told them I was given the laptop and since I replaced the HD I needed to reinstall the OS. I think it cost me $20! I'm typing on it right now. Good luck!
    Certifications: '07/'09 A+, N+, S+
    WIP: maybe something Apple
  4. Asterix

    Asterix Megabyte Poster

    What is your location?
    I have a spare machine that would be great for pulling apart, rebuilding and with XP spec. All yours if your happy to collect!
    Location: Guildford, Surrey. UK

    If this is out of your local proximity then why not open a post for it, I'm sure someone has something that is not overly suitable for personal use although would be great to learn on, if not then you may be able to gather some parts and piece it all together!
  5. michael78

    michael78 Terabyte Poster

    If you are going to buy a PC for study I would possibly opt to get a HPML115 server straight away (if you can find one these days) they are less than £300 and you can use it in the future for other exams than may require you installing ESXi to run multiple OS's. Other than that just get the cheapest PC you can get if your just wanting it to study the A+.
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  6. veloce

    veloce Byte Poster

    I got my mitts on a dell optiplex from work.

    Was a great help being able to open it up and eyeball the motherboard and components on it, as well as cabling, location, etc.
    This was a help to me while doing my a+.
    Plus I use the 30GB sata HD as a backup

    Check the 'bay, something will turn up that you can use
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  7. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    It's always worth asking friends/family, there's a lot of PCs out there that have a simple problem and the user has decided to replace rather than repair/upgrade.
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  8. TheLostNoose

    TheLostNoose New Member

    Thanks for the replies

    Asterix, thanks for your kind offering but I think Staffordshire is a bit out of the way - mind you I've never been to Guildford:unsure

    I think I'll look on Ebay first and then ask around.

  9. Beerbaron

    Beerbaron Megabyte Poster

    You can pick up old pcs from ebay. I have seen old PCs at my local recycle centre. Im sure if you offer them a few quid you can take it off their hands.
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