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Burn Test software

Discussion in 'Software' started by twizzle, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. twizzle

    twizzle Gigabyte Poster

    At work we have some old units fitted with motherboards where the Northbridge heatsink has popped off during use.
    having re fitted the heatsink and re-soldered its loop i now need to test the hardware to its limits to see if any heat damage has been caused.
    What i need is some intensive Burn testing software, however being the cheap gits at work and due to license issue i need the software to be free or a fully working trial (i can remove it after its finished). Can anyone recommend something that will work on W2K? I tried Sandra but it wouldnt run even after the W2K QDI+ module was intstalled.
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  2. grim

    grim Gigabyte Poster

    futuremark - if the PCs are old might want to try an older version.
    BBC climate - will cain the CPU/s, any folding program i.e SETI will do
    BIT Pro - tests various components like SiSoft sandra
    memtest - does just the memory but Northbridge does the FSB :)
    Aquamark - old program similar to futuremark

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  3. TimoftheC

    TimoftheC Kilobyte Poster

    Not sure if this is what your looking for twizzle, but I have used Prime95 when I wanted to test how stable a PC was - especially good for generating heat. The program itself is a bit like seti but is a search for prime numbers, although I've only ever used the torture tests. The link for the site is http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm
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