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Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by christof, Oct 22, 2004.

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    Just been talking to a friend of mine, and he mentioned his broadband connection to me.

    He has a BT broadband business connection. He says it automatically disconnects after about 30 mins, and also when you leave it alone for 5mins, meaning he has to re-connect again to use it.

    I thought about looking in the control panel:internet settings option.

    Just after a bit of advise really on where to solve his problem.
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  2. Jakamoko
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    Hi Christof - firstly is it feasible to bring his modem/router to your place and see if it does the same thing there ? Simple test, but effective because:

    a) If it does do it at yours, then most likely a h/w problem.

    b) If it doesn't do it, then he/you should get onto the ISP and report this as a fault, and request a woosh test be carried out ASAP, If that shows a prob, it will automatically be forwarded to BT to handle.

    One further thing you might want to try (advisable) before calling the ISP - connect the modem/router directly to the BT Master socket (first point where the line enters the house) with no extensions, and all other phones removed. His ISP will ask if this has been tried anyway, and for good reason. This eliminates any problems that may be caused by internal wiring in the house, and if BT were to send an engineer round, and he found it was your wiring at fault (or your equipment) he will most likely slap the £150 fee on your mate, so you wanna be sure before it comes to that.

    HTH - any more que's just ask :D

    EDIT: Just reading the que again - it is separate parts of BT that handle the ISP stuff and the faults (is that right Noelg24 ?) in case you all think I'm being blonde
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  3. noelg24

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    139've done well...and yes if its a broadband problem and not a phone line problem then his ISP deal with it...if its phone line thats where I come in :D and remember to tell him that if he does report it to his ISP they in turn should contact BT Wholesale (not the customer contacting BT Faults which is always happening) so there you have it...

    In fact Jak a quick Q for u...if a customer has broadband on the line but they dont use it and they dont know who the provider is and they want to get broadband with someone in the world will they find out who the previous provider is? bearing in mind we're not talking about previous owners of the house...I mean someone who has been in the for about 5yrs but has no idea that ADSL was put on the line and when they order it for the 1st time with someone else they tell them they cant do it as its already on the line...who do they contact? and how do they get the ADSL marker off in the first place to get the one they want.

    Phew!!! hope that didnt confuse you mate...sorry for hijacking again!
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  4. Jakamoko
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    Tell you what - quick bit of Copy'n'Paste into a new thread, and we'll take it from there, eh ? At least you realised you'd hijacked this one this time :rolleyes: :D

    If it's a phoneline (PSTN) prob, then the ISP wont be able to log it with BT anyway - only when the PSTN fault is cleared, can any remaining prob be treated as an ADSL fault. And as for the End User (EU) contacting BT 150 - DON'T EVEN START ME :x Like you say, it's a BT Wholesale issue at that stage.

    I had a good one lately, when a business customer with a prob was giving me serious earache every 15 bl***y minutes. So, in order to save face in front of the employees, she called 150 and DEMANDED an engineer be despatched, despite me assuring her that I was dealing with it thru the proper channels. So BT duly obliged, found no PSTN fault (cos it was an ADSL issue) and promptly charged the company £85 for the priviledge. :biggrin Funny, but I never heard from her again - dealt (pleasantly) with her boss from then on !!!!
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