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Bournemouth edges close to Fibrecity broadband status

Discussion in 'News' started by Fergal1982, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster


    Bournemouth edges close to Fibrecity broadband status

    Work to install fibre optic broadband services across Bournemouth is progressing on track, it has been revealed.

    Efforts to install fibre optic broadband services in Bournemouth are on track to be completed at the start of next year, according to reports.

    Full Story: Here

    Thanks to Alex399 for the link
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    1. greenbrucelee
      Unless all the smackheads steal the cables and sell them in cash converters for a fix :D

      Hopefully they will get their arses in gear and role it out everywhere soon.
    2. Alex399
      there putting the cables in the sewers with very waterproof casing on the wires

      By the end of 2011 the whole of Bournemouth will have 100 Mbs Fibre Optic Broadband :D

      Lucky for those of us in the Bournemouth area like me and Kev :twisted:
    3. greenbrucelee
      smackhead can be very resourceful when they are rattling :D and they'll walk through **** if needs be.
    4. GiddyG
      I wonder how much it will cost the end user though. And I wonder what difference the end user will actually see, if they merely read emails and surf the interweb.

      Not saying that it shouldn't be done... I just wonder if it needs to go hand in glove with 'user guidance' on how to make best use of it. I always feel this sort of thing is like putting a laptop (or BlackBerry) in front of someone and telling them to get on with it. It becomes a wasted expense/opportunity.
    5. Alex399
      Those smack heads aren't strong enough to pull those drain covers off :p all that smack has made them weak

      They don't stand a chance :D Unless they enter through the Sewage plants :dry

      But then again its too far for the smack heads to walk they would pass out way before they get there... :biggrin

      Sounds Smackhead Proof to me 8)
    6. westernkings
      I was actually reading about the FTTP/H and FTTC infrastructures in the UK today. With BT apparently dishing out 100Mb/s already (after putting my house address in the UK into the BT, I still can't get above 6Mb with BT ... Despite the fact they say they have rolled it out in the area) and Virgin Media about to Roll Out 100Mb/s and trailing 200Mb/s it makes me wonder how these small firms can get it done that quickly and why VM cannot extend their fibre network to the house?? it makes no sense.

      My cabinet was literally 3 doors away from mine, so why could Virgin not charge me whatever the price is to put a fibre cable the extra 7 metres for me to get full on FTTP/H?
    7. beaumontdvd
      Mate do the cable yourself :D they wouldn't know a thing ;)
      Last edited: Feb 26, 2010
    8. Alex399
      Small Firms :eek: Well maybe Virgin Media isn't huge but BT none the less is not a small firm by any means, companys like Virgin Media could be small but its hard to say, at the end of the day all Virgin Media is doing putting there own equipment in the telephone exchange, BT are the Big boys and always will be, as far as I'm aware they are the ones who own and operate all these telephone exchanges.

      They also have to let these small internet companies rent there (BT) lines and the room in there telephone exchange for a fraction of the price to what a standard customer would pay as part of a Monopoly Legislation just so they can even stand a chance of even becoming a noticeable competitor and having there reasonable share of the market.

      The way I see how you can look at what your connection well be like in detail is;

      Contention Ratio vs Equipment (Routers) they use in the exchange

      Ive even heard of BT capping your speed should you be using another Internet provider but still using there lines so to speak.. even though you would be paying through Sky perhaps.
      BT's way of saying "if you don't want to switch to us we will make your life difficult :twisted:"
      I have no idea how you would go about finding out what kind of equipment they use specifically for your connection... that one might be hard to find out.
    9. derkit
      What I'd like to know is - what are people going to do with this extra speed? How is it going to make a difference from 50Mb/s to 100Mb/s?
    10. fibreforum
      Hi guys, I have the speed of fibre to the home in Bournemouth and you're right there isn't too much you can do with it at the moment. Yes, you can download quickly from iplayer desktop and you can get music in an instant, I wouldn't say any of that is groundbreaking though. The latency is the best thing about this by a long way. If you use VOIP (I use it a lot) that is much clearer, I can also download/upload a load at the sametime and it doesn't suffer. I can also use laptops and desktops heavily around the house without any real effect. That is the winner for me, I'm sure the killer apps will come that mean you need 25 or 100Mbps download speed, but not yet.


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