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  1. presh

    presh New Member

    I've decided on doing the A+ course, can you pse advise me on which books I should buy for this course?

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  2. Arroryn

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    Hi Presh, welcome to Certforums.

    Books depend on your own reading/learning style really, so it's a good move to research the market.

    Most people end up choosing between Mike Meyers and David Groth

    Shop around places like Amazon or BOL, read the reviews, and try what you think you'll be comfortable with. *Groth, cough cough* :)
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    Hi and welcome Presh.

    Have a look at this post in this very forum:

    I hope you don't mind, I moved your post to the relevant section. Also, can we invite you to drop by the New Members Forum and maybe tell us a little about yourself if you like ? Nice to know who we're replying too ... :)
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    What he said. I put that pinned thread up there so people could easily find this answer. Have a look as Gav suggested. If anyone has any other useful resources they'd like to add, just reply to that thread and put them there. Thanks. :)
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  5. Boycie
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    Boycie Senior Beer Tester

    Hi Presh.
    Welcome to CF. Glad to hear you have decided to go the A+ route. It really is a good foundation course which you could go any route you wanted to from there.
    As already said you can't go wrong with the Mike Myers or David Groth books for A+.
    I actually used the Mike Myers book for A+. I have decided to use David groths book for the Network+ and am well impressed also.

    Hope you stick around to see the vast benefits there are. :thumbleft
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