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Book Review: Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Fourth Edition

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. tripwire45
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    Book Review: Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Fourth Edition

    Submitted by James Pyles

    One of the things I look for in a “beginner's guide” is a well rounded content selection. When I'm trying to learn how to administer Linux, nothing is more frustrating than to pick up a book that's advertised as “a complete guide”, only to discover that either there are holes in the information base or that each subject is treated far too lightly to really learn anything. At first blush, Shah and Soyinka's Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide 4th Edition is neither of these. Like most techs, I am a very linear thinker. I like my content to be well organized and easy to find. This is true whether I'm writing the content or reading it. Happily, Linux Administration is broken down into five broad categories or parts: “Installing Linux as a Server”, “Single-Host Administration”, “Security and Networking”, “Internet Services”, and “Intranet Services”. Chapters are organized under each category so no matter what I was looking for, I found it right at my fingertips.

    Read the full review: Here
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


    1. zimbo
      Thanks for the review trip! Looks like a great book! and not badly priced either!
    2. AJ
      FYI guys check HERE

      Not a bad price at all.

      Thanks Trip :thumbleft
    3. zimbo

      Its 11 pounds on amazon.uk! 8)
    4. AJ
      Don't forget p & P Zimbo

      However I hate to admit it, but it is still cheaper from Amazon £2.75 delivery so in total approx £15 DOH

      Nice one Zimbo :thumbleft
    5. Bluerinse
      Cheers James, from your excellent review, it sounds like something I could use to help me get my hands dirty in Linux 8)
    6. zimbo
      trip did you by any chance see what the samba content was about?
    7. tripwire45
      Not sure what you want to know, zimbo. Yes, there is an entire chapter on Samba. Are you looking for something specific (sorry...it's early in the morning here...couldn't sleep and I still feel pretty groggy)?
    8. zimbo
      sorry trip meaning is the samba content on the book based on nt 4 or 2000/2003 domains?

      What do you guys feel about learning samba and NT 4.0 domains - still useful in todays enviroment? :rolleyes:
    9. tripwire45
    10. zimbo
      yeah thanks trip.. was looking at it this morning! I think if samba can be implemented into AD then it has a very big future! Imagine telling future job interviews oh i can save you some money by creating a file server from your 2003 domain and let your users save on that!

      Windows and Linux together is going to be hot! :biggrin
    11. tripwire45
      There's a section in the Samba chapter called "Using Samba to Authenticate Against a Windows Server", however, it is focused on NT. Remember, this isn't a textbook about Samba. It has a more general focus. It will get you started as a beginning Linux admin but to drill down into very specific subjects, you are going to have to access resources that focus on the particular server or service you are interested (that is, get a book or two just on Samba). Hope that cleared things up. Cheers. :)

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