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    hi all, i have some more questions on OS fundamentals which i would like to hear your opinion.

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    Cand E gives as the information about IP address. I don't know anything about netstat.Ping will give you the connection information between two computers. Arp resolves the Mac address with the Ip address.
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    1, 2, and 3 all look good to me but I'm not sure about number 4, they both perform the same function.

    ipconfig is for NT, 2000 and XP
    winipcfg is for win9x

    I suppose if you connect from a 2K system to find out then it's okay.
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    as far as 1 is concerned, surely the last thing it would do there would be either reading the MBR, or accessing the active partition. i think the first thing the bootstrap loader does is look for the bot sector. i could be entirely wrong on this one tho, im a bit hazy on it.

    2. personally i would've said "GET YOUR BLOODY DIRTY MITTS AWAY FROM THOSE DAMN FILES!!!!". I wouldnt remove them at all, i wasnt even under the impression that you COULD in that situation.

    3. yup i agree with that.

    4. not sure. i agree with ipconfig. but beyond that........

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