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Best Movies of All Time

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by JohnBradbury, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. JohnBradbury

    JohnBradbury Kilobyte Poster

    Okay all the talk of the Oscars has got me thinking about what films I'd vote for as the greatest ever made. So if you could vote for just five what would they be?
  2. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    I have tastes which don't always appeal to people but my top 5 films in no particular order are:

    Ferris Buellers Day Off
    Die Hard
    An American Werewolf in London
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  3. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    No particular order:

    Seven Samurai
    Star Wars
    The Maltese Falcon
    Singin' in the Rain
    The Great Escape
    The Wizard of Oz
    Gone with the Wind
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    Young Frankenstein

    Remember, the thread is titled "Best Movies of *All* Time", not just most popular in the last ten years or so.
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  4. OceanPacific

    OceanPacific Byte Poster

    This is going to sound very cheesy but my favorite movie of all time Orange County with Jack Black and Colin Hanks. I know thats not the greatest movie of all time by far though.

    I would say probobly:

    Star Wars
    Blazing Saddles
    Psycho (original not remake)

    not necessarily in that order
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  5. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    Mine are:

    Independence Day
    The Matrix
    Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back)
    Superman The Movie
    Batman Begins
    Spider-Man 2

    And thats not the whole list lol...however I put JFK in the list cos I watched that 2 weeks ago and totally forgot just what a fantastic and gripping movie it is. So I am proud to have it in my list 8)
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  6. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    Lord Of The Rings - I still watch it once every three months or so, and cannot believe what a fantastic job he made of bringing my favourite books to life
    The Maltese Falcon - most quotable dialogue in a film ever
    Double Indemnity - Barbara Stanwyck was the sexiest woman that ever lived
    Snatch - funniest film I've ever seen - non-stop laughs, and the best British script for years
    Scum - harrowing
    The Village - I don't care if it was panned - I love it
    The Machinist - just awesome
    Silent Running - no-one else has heard of it, but its still the only film that can make me cry every time I see it
    Any Marx Brothers film from the golden era (Duck Soup, Horse Feathers, A Day At The Races etc) - just because Grouch Mars makes me p*** myself laughing every time I watch them. A neat trick considering I've seen them all about fifty times
    Silent Hill - by far the best adaptation of a videogame ever
    The Thing - best use of atmosphere in a film ever
    Vertigo - beautiful, fantastic performance from Jimmy Stewart and an awesome soundtrack
    Goodfellas - well, its just Goodfellas. Genius
    LA Confidential - best cast performance ever, except for...
    Glengarry Glen Ross - just awesome
    Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs - Tarantino was brilliant before he disappeared up his own arse
    Picnic At Hanging Rock - scared the shite out of me as a kid, now I watch it not for the fright, but for the eerieness of it - the most beautifully shot film I think I've ever seen
    Ring/Grudge - can't separate them - the two most frightening films I can remember
    The Big Heat - Glenn Ford cast completely against type and putting in the most memorable 'man pushed over the edge' performance you could ever wish for
    Romeo Is Bleeding - Gary Oldman and Lena Olin make this film what it is - a twisted, dark, noir-extraordinaire
    Blazing Saddles/Young Frankenstein - Mel Brooks is a genius
    Fletch Lives - I can quote every single line verbatim - universally panned and, according to some critics the worst movie ever made. Utter nonsense - Chevy Chase achieves the almost impossible - equally making you want to be his best buddy whilst at the same time wanting to cave his head in with a shovel

    There's tons more - I watch a LOT of films :biggrin
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  7. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    Hmm... just five... :scratch

    Lord of the Rings Mainly for the same reason as Zeb - I don't think a better job could have been done to bring these books to the big screen.

    Donnie Darko A massively misunderstood and underestimated movie.

    Million Dollar Baby Very moving, and a movie that seems to have disappeared into anonymnity after its Oscar wins. Great roles from Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood.

    Boys Don't Cry A spectacular portrayal of a moving, saddening and true story - a deserved Oscar winner again for Hilary Swank.

    Howl's Moving Castle Best. Anime. Ever. And a great storyline too.

    I would LOVE to choose more than five, but those are springing to the top of my list at the moment as movies that should remain classics. Other favourites I have are *classics* but not because of how well they were done... they're just classics within their genre. Like Willow.
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  8. JohnBradbury

    JohnBradbury Kilobyte Poster

    I could maybe narrow it down to five in each genre.


    Die Hard
    Big Trouble in Little China
    The Matrix
    The Karate Kid


    Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark
    The Day After Tomorrow
    Deep Impact


    Stir Crazy
    Good Morning Vietnam
    Something About Mary
    You Got Mail


    American Psyco
    Silence of the Lambs


    The Shawshank Redemption
    Forrest Gump
    Men of Honour


    Kingdom of Heaven
    Lord of the Rings - Return of the king
    The Passion of Christ


    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
    The Mothman Prophecies
    Nightmare on Elm Street (1)


    Phantom of the Opera

    Science Fiction

    Forbidden Planet
    Bicentennial Man
    Brave New World
    Star Wars - A New Hope


    Schindler's List
    The Pianist
    Saving Private Ryan

    Honorable mentions:

    Groundhog Day
    Cast Away
  9. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Most of the movies you all are listing are fabulous and I can totally agree with your choices (some, I've never seen and a few *suk*, IMHO). :wink:

    Actually Lauren Bacall is the sexist woman in film based on her role in To Have or Have Not. She was only 19 when she played opposite Bogart, but man oh man, she was incredible. The line she delivered that brought it home was "If you need me, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you. Just put your lips together...and blow".

    Bogart's lines in the Maltese Falcon were fantastic. You really have to watch closely when he's winding up the bad guys and laughing about it afterwards (the last part only lasts a few seconds so if you blink, you miss it).

    I agree that Mel Brooks is a great director of comedic parodies and I just watched Blazing Saddles again last week. You have to know about 15 or 20 other films to get all of the lines and characters in the movie. Bar none, Young Frankenstein is his best film, though and ironically (and especially for a comedy), the story line is the closest of any film to the original novel.

    I *have* heard of Silent Running. A very underratted film, in my opinion. Very early 1970s, environmentalist movie set on a ship in space. I remember watching it numerous times at a drive-in movie theatre (remember them?) decades ago. Another good unsung Science Fiction film is Dark Star.

    I tried watching the Superman movie a few weeks back (especially after watching the first six seasons of Smallville on DVD), but I couldn't get past the "Can you read my mind..." part (yuck).
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  10. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Hey Zeb the Ring/Grudge are brilliant as long as you are meaning the Japanese versions although Naomi watts & Sarah Michelle Gellar are worth watching any time, you can't beat the originals.
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  11. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    Good call on lauren Bacall - but I still think Barbara Stanwyck has her beat. Just that bit in Double Indemnity where she's sitting on the chair - Neff thinks he playing her, but you just know from the look in her eye that she has him absolutely wrapped round her finger...

    I know the bit you mean in The Maltese Falcon - just after he smashes the glass in Gutman's hotel room, then storms out - you catch him smiling as he saunters off to the lift. Class. My favourite lines are:
    "I hope you're not letting yourself be influenced by the guns these pocket edition desperadoes are waving around"
    "The cheaper the crook the gaudier the patter", and my all time favourite:
    "What do you want me to do, learn to stutter?"

    The coolest man that ever lived.
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  12. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    100% Japanese original. US remakes were toss. I also really liked Dark Water - not quite as frightening as Ring or The Grudge, but still very, very eerie. That bnit where Sadako comes out of the TV in 'Ring' almost had me chewing my fist off in fear!

    If you like oriental movies, you should check out Gwoemul (The Host). its a Korean monster movie - and is utterly awesome
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  13. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Not seen Gwoemul I'll check it out :biggrin

    I thought Ringu was brilliant but it was the kid in the grudge that freaked me out. Another good Japanese film is Battle Royale not scary but but bloody.

    I even have all the Godzilla movies :)

    Edit: dark water was good too.
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  14. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    I never really 'got' BR. I've watched it a good few times as well - too me, it always just seemed gratuitously violent. I know that's what the director was aiming for, and I understand all the references to the way Japanese culture is going, the nihilism of modern Japanese youth and the ultra-conservatism of their politics, it just doesn't 'do' anything for me. A similar film (though from much, much earlier) is 'If...' with Malcolm McDowell - that didn't do anything for me either.

    i soooo wanted Godzilla (the modern one) not to be pants... sadly it was :(

    PS: I know what you mean about the kid in The Grudge - the bit under the sheets really REALLY freaked me - but I just can't get past Sadako's eye for freakiness... (oooh, I'm shivering thinking about it!)
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  15. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    ahh you can't beat the original Godzillas heh heh. The bit that freaked me in the grudge was the sheets bit, but what about the bit in the car in the grudge 2? I nearly crapped my pants when the camera reveals the kid under that dashboard.
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  16. ManicD

    ManicD Byte Poster

    The Usual Suspects
    Fight Club
    V for Vendetta
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  17. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member

    In no particular order:

    It's a Wonderful Life
    Lord of the Rings
    The Ring
    Highlander (the first one with Sean Connery)
    The Rock
    Shallow Hal
    any Agatha Christie film with Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple
    Holiday Inn
  18. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster

    hmm for me it would be in order!

    1 the wicker man (the original)
    2 falling down
    3 battlestar galactica (reimaged 3hr pilot ep)
    4 ST the wrath of khan
    5 firefox

    I've got loads of films that I love but off the top of my head but the above 4 stand out to me as being the most solid in every way.
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  19. delorean

    delorean Megabyte Poster

    I love movies a lot so choosing a definitive list is just an impossible task for me. I'll go ahead and list a few of my favourites 'off-the-cuff' but by no means at all is this my definitive list of favourite movies of all time. I'd be constantly reviewing the list, adding titles I'd forgotten to add or changing them round etc.

    Anyway, here's some of my favourites:

    100 Days With Mr. Arrogant
    Back To The Future I, II and III
    The Godfather I and II
    Watch Out We're Mad
    Somewhere In Time
    Terminator I and II
    Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
    LA Twister
    Rocky I, II, III and VI
    Lost Horizon
    Barefoot In The Park
    Naked Gun
    Pulp Fiction
    The Shawshank Redemption
    Il Mare
    Natural City
    The Karate Kid
    Hard Boiled
    Catch Me If You Can
    Sixteen Candles
    Ghost In The Shell
    The Breakfast Club
    Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
    The Warriors
    Knocked Up
    The World's Fastest Indian
    Lucky Number Slevin
    Human Traffic
    Apocalypse Now (the 5 hr long workprint)
    Top Secret
    Lost In Translation
    Schindler's List
    City Of God
    Mr Smith Goes To Washington
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Fight Club
    Bad Taste
    La Haine
    Kill Bill Volume 1
    Groundhog Day
    Any Godzilla, Gamera and 'sentai' movie
    There Will Be Blood

    I'll probably edit this post in the next 20 minutes or so haha!
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  20. fortch

    fortch Kilobyte Poster

    What, no love for Pixar flicks? They're my favorite, particularly Toy Story. Even Blue Sky, the makers of Ice Age, are excellent as well (they made Robots too, I think).

    Anything with Schwarzenegger, Hanks, Ford, or Bale is good too. Too many to list, really, and most good ones have already been mentioned.
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