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Been Stressed and not done any studying

Discussion in 'Network+' started by MichaelUK, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. MichaelUK

    MichaelUK Bit Poster

    Hiya guys

    Been abit stressed over a restructure at work and not been doing any studying.

    Then it came to me today i need to get my studying done and exams passed so i can get myself out of this job i am beginning to hate.

    So i am asking for a big cyber kick up the backside and get ready for me to annoy you all with loads of questions :D
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  2. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    Book the exam for a date that seems reasonable. It's amazing how spending money can get you to focus !
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    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    good advice:rocks

    Michael - booking the exam will give you something to focus on! Once you've booked it, you've got a target to work towards! then I would recommend you write down on a Piece of paper why your study this cert!

    Example to get out of this sh$t job and have a better, more enjoyable one or to better myself!

    This gives you focus for when you loose motivation for study.

    Believe me it works, for kicking yourself up the backside knowing that the exam is not too far away. But beside setting long term goals you have to set short term goals as well. Such as reading a chapter of a book or completing a Domain (comptia exams).

    So click on this link and download the objectives, what i tend to do is turn the objectives headings into questions. It makes me think about each section and confirms wether or not I have study enough!

    But if you don't set yourself these goals then you will lose sight of what and why you are studying and find any excuse (under the sun) not to study!

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  4. Neil

    Neil Byte Poster

    Yea mate, same thing happened to me over and over during Network+ study.........all sorts of things came up and I was on and off studying........and I'm talking about 3 weeks to sometimes a month and a half OFF study, and less than a week ON study!

    Eventually I realised that precious time was wasting and going by, and this was not gonna work out unless I put my behind on some hot coals, keep my eyes open and study, study, study whether I liked it or not! :p Solution? Booked the exam 1 week in advance! And boy lemme tell ya it sure did work! I spent the week studying as soon as I woke up until 2-3AM next day! I only got a couple hours sleep and all I could think of is the notes I studied. To further increase my focus, I restricted myself from many distracting things such as surfing the net, accepting/making phone calls, going out, etc. In that way, the only thing that took up 100% of my mind was Network+. It was torture, but it worked.

    So not only did the hot coals had my behind burning, but all those hours of studying from morning to next morning in front a pc monitor had my eyes burning also! I never read so many notes and did so many practice exams in my entire study life, as I did in that 1 week! But it was worth it and it helped. I wanted to sleep early the night before the exam, but I ended up in bed at about 2-2:30AM instead. The rest after that is history and 3-4 days after passing, my head was still floating and spinning with all that intensive studying I did!

    So if you really wanna get your adrenaline rushing for that exam, just CREATE a deadline that must be met(life or death, hook or crook) and work towards it. And the only kick start in that direction, is by booking an exam date within a reasonable study time period. A good way to calculate that is by following my study method. I tallied up the pages left to be read (including revision notes) and divided it by 7 days. In that way I'd get an average of the amount of pages of notes I should read per day for 1 week. If its too much, I adjust as necessary by adding on some days. If I could cover it, I try to read MORE than the figure I set per day.......in that way I'll always be ahead and have time to do extra revision and practice exams. Also, when you wanna take a break from studying, I suggest spending that time doing practice exams.......it helps to reinforce what you read and allows things to sink in. Hope this helps out! :thumbleft
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  5. Obilisk

    Obilisk New Member

    Hi there,

    Im in a similar position to the thread starter. Ive finished all the study for this exam, written loads of revision notes, and have been sitting a few practice exams to boot.

    My concern is that ive been hitting a wall on the practice exams where at tops I can only score 60%. I need to get this up into the 80% region, and was wondering if u guys could point me in the direction of:
    a) more practice exams
    b) some good revision sites
    c) Tips for memory/revision of this content.

    As far as booking an exam date is concerned, your right. I do need to book one, I have loads of part time work tho at the moment which is going to be tough to schedule it around. I will contact Comptia and book it for a day in Jan when I dont have to do other things I think. My primary concern first tho is to get my practice marks into the 80% region. Any ideas?
  6. Dexter

    Dexter Nibble Poster

    I'm afraid I have no wisdom to offer on the subject other than that which our fellow forum members have already mentioned, however in situations such as these I find the words of Yoda ringing in my ears:

    "Do, or do not...there is no try".

    Always motivates me :biggrin
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