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BCS urges members to withdraw support for £100k EGM

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. wagnerk
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    BCS urges members to withdraw support for £100k EGM

    BCS, the chartered institute for IT, is writing to 50 disgruntled members in an attempt to persuade them to withdraw their signatures from a motion calling for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to discuss the institute's future.

    The motion, which calls for a vote of no confidence and a halt to BCS spending on its £5m modernisation programme, has won support from prominent BCS members, including two former trustees, a former president, seven current members of the BCS council and three ex-council members.

    Supporters have listed 20 reasons why they are supporting the EGM. They include concerns that the BCS is placing the interests of its members second to its role as a business and that members have not been properly consulted over its modernisation programme.

    Read the full article here.

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    1. UKDarkstar
      I'd say both sides have a point. I have, in fact, been contacted and aksed to support the call for the EGM but I have ignored the email.

      I have a seen a previous professional body I belonged to disappear. The Chartered Building Societies Institute merged (effectively taken over) with the Chartered Institute of Bankers which became the Institute for Financial Services.

      On the last change it became more of an academic body and I am not aware of any branches or meetings like the days of old (see history HERE)

      Effectively they are now a profit-making charity for quals/certs in financial service.

      Now if BCS were to go this route I would be very sorry. Whilst I may be in a minority, I have put a lot into my local branch and feel I have also got a lot out of it. If the branch (and SG) network was to disappear I personally think it would be much harder to gain recognition of BCS certs/awards.

      Having said that, I have been enthused at the Transformation program. However, I am provileged, as a Committee Member, to attend conventions where I can get to hear more about what is going on. I think it is here that the BCS still has a big problem - member communication. Even now some Members crop up on LinkedIn groups under the impression that the new logo etc. can still be changed and that the transformation is still under discussion - it isn't - deal with it. We all have the opportunity to contact BCS via Branches, Trustee Members etc. and ask for our opionion to be taken into account.

      BCS could do more in communicating changes to Members and perhaps a regular update on Transformation aspects would have been a better idea.

      Now, we face a costly EGM, division within the ranks and potential new Members wondering if this is the sort of "professional" body they should join - not very good from a PR viewpoint.

      Hopefully the matter will be resolved speedily.

      As it happens I am at a Convention in London on the 14th so will report back what I can bearing in mind the public nature of CF.

      I should perhaps add for clarity that the above comments are strictly my own personal view and not those of BCS or my Branch.
    2. wagnerk
      With less than 0.1% (I believe) of members that actually want to do this (what 50 members of 70000?), imo it's a waste of money.

      Of course if they had been more receptive of my suggestion of some sort of partnership with C&G (like they do with the CEng from the ECUK) for their MCGI award, then my opinion would be different.

      Then again, the mainstream group aren't anymore receptive - so I come to realise that's why I don't put in as much. It's a 2 way relationship.

      You and alot of others, just see how many new BCS members we have here on CF and other forums :)

      Cool that would be great :)

    3. GSteer
      Only just joined the BCS late last year, although had been aware of them for a good few years. Since I've appeared in the middle of the transformation and don't have much knowledge/history of the society it's a bit of an eyebrow raiser to see something like this occuring. Can't really form any valid opinions except that it does seem to be a vast waste of resources for such a small party, although the, er, "rebel" members seem to have held high level positions in the BCS it does beg the question is something going on that the members aren't aware off. But hey, I have no idea.
    4. wagnerk
      Belated welcome to the organisation. Are you working towards the CITP?

    5. GSteer
      Thats the long term intention, it's in the 24+ month part of the CPD plan once we're back in the UK (or still in Canada), I want some more SME experience in a more authoritive role before applying.

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