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BCS Dismantles Its Ivory Tower

Discussion in 'News' started by craigie, May 26, 2009.

  1. craigie

    craigie Terabyte Poster


    BCS Dismantles Its Ivory Tower

    The British Computer Society (BCS) plans to reinvent itself after recognising that it has lost relevance to the IT profession.

    The charity is transforming itself to represent a wider group of IT professionals in more countries. It will announce the changes in September.

    Alan Pollard, president at the BCS, said the organisation wants to appeal to a wider section of IT industry. "A lot of the research we did identified that we are seen as a technical ivory tower."

    The charity, which awards the Charted IT Professional qualification (CITP), will announce major changes to its structure and the qualifications it offers to reflect the needs of today's IT professionals.

    More here

    Would have posted this in the news section, but I do not have rights.
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    1. UKDarkstar
      Yup, what's coming looks very good and there's a lot of money being spent. Can't give any detail as the Convention I attended last week was all embargoed but it's all very positive :biggrin
    2. JK2447
      Yep you did say it was coming mate. I'll get my CITP application in pronto! :D All for the better. I look forward to seeing positive change. In the BCS's defence, I think its easy for companies with such a long and rich history, to not adapt to change as quickly as a smaller more modern organisation. Its all good. Cheers, Jim
    3. wagnerk
      Moved :)

      I just hope that it doesn't change and lean too much towards the academic side, there are alot of great IT Professionals that aren't that strong academically.

      Apart from that, I'm glad that these changes are coming. It's about time it was modernised to reflect our profession.

    4. UKDarkstar
      I think I can say it will be more business orientated :biggrin without dismissing the academic roots
    5. JK2447
      Oh its all so cryptic he he Are there going to be BCS death squads eliminating unprofessional IT workers? :p If so there will be a good few positions opening up in our place ha ha (Just kidding!)
    6. wagnerk
      And on a totally unrelated matter, I will be unavailable on these dates... :twisted:

    7. dmarsh
      ...so is the new tower gonna be carbon fibre or what ?

      I need my office at the top like before, I'd hate to get my feet wet in the moat... :D

      That reminds me that expense claim...
    8. JK2447
      Is Saruman still head of the BCS? Or is that part of the changes too? :p
    9. JK2447
      I'm now officially a member of the BCS :D
    10. wagnerk
      Congrats, welcome onboard :)

    11. JK2447
      Thanks mate, I'm looking forward to getting involved. Jim
    12. Pheonicks56
      I know this is not very relevant but is anyone else here a member of the IEEE, or the Computer Society?

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