Battle of Jutland

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    For you history buffs
    today makes the 89th Anniversary of the Battle of Jutland, the largest navel battle of World War 1, and the only full scale clash of German and British battleships

    The casualty rate on the british side was over 6000, and over 2500 on the german side

    Gone are the days where we will see such clashes, the advent of the Aircraft carrier sealed the battleships fate in modern warfare, enhanced further in world war two with the loss of both the Hood and the Prince of Wales to japanese torpedo bombers, the first capital ships to ever be sunk soley by aircraft

    Let us remember those brave men on both sides, and the chapter in navel history that was, the Battleship
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    Today in the states is memorial day for the fallen soldiers.

    God bless all the soldiers that died while fighting for freedom and a better life.
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