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Bandwidth Shaping using QoS priority by address/port/Vlans

Discussion in 'Networks' started by computer, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. computer

    computer New Member

    Is the best way to manage network priority to go and buy a DDwrt or Tomato compatible router? Can I run this software or something similar on one of the computers on the network? I have heard of psense as being capable of network management, but I am unsure if it can be used for QoS, Traffic Shaping, etc.

    I currently have three computers two of which playing P2P games the third is for work.


    I need to setup a network with priority for my work computer, while keeping the other two and any other future devices from communicating with each other. Would Vlans be a capable solution for dividing up bandwidth from the modem while keeping traffic and computers separated. I like some of the capabilities DDwrt offers such as by port, address, by grouping, and limit of up and download. These options offer a nice selection of redundancy.

    As of right now I have a rp614v4 (wired router) which is a standard home router and is not supported by DDwrt firmware/no QoS in web menu. I need to find out what would be the best course of action for hopefully under a $100 dollars if it can be helped.


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