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Back to the drawing board

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by noelg24, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    Or more like the job centre. As of this morning I was dimissed from my job.

    i wont go into the details, but all I will say is, you just cant trust customers/clients anymore. When you think you are getting on with someone then they stab u in the back.

    However, in a way it was going to happen cos i wasnt happy about the pay (lousy £12K a year!! and I was getting more at my last job!), but now I can at least find a job that pays for the same kinda job and I have been looking and and have applied to about 8 already...so just waiting on feedback...

    One good thing tho, they say they will pay me until end of May, which I think is a nice gesture. It means I have at most 2 mths to look for a new job and doss about for a bit.

    But thought I would let you all know.

    I still want to work in the IT sector, cos I love it so much but at least now I know that the next time I talk to a client or customer on the phone about any IT related issues, i wont be having a laugh with them or trying to be best mates with them cos it will only come back to haunt u in the end.
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  2. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Bad news mate, but if you were not happy with the ££ then maybe its a good thing to move on.

    Treat customers as customers, rule number one and you cant go wrong.

    Best of luck mate :biggrin
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  3. Raffaz

    Raffaz Kebab Lover Gold Member

    Sorry to hear that mate, good luck with the job search:)
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  4. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Sorry to hear that mate.

    Good Luck with the search. :thumbleft

    At least you got you A+ out of them!
  5. Tinus1959

    Tinus1959 Gigabyte Poster

    Sorry to hear you lost your job. Hope you will find a new job soon.
    Lots of succes!
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  6. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Don't doss about at all! The IT field is extremely competitive, especially starting out. You may just find yourself still looking for a job when the money runs out - I've seen that happen quite often. Best case scenario is you find a job quickly and earn double pay for a month and a half.

    Best of luck to you!
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  7. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    I know the feeling. Of course I wasn't "let go" from my last job, the contract just expired and Micron instituted a hiring freeze so there was no avenue to continue working there.

    I was pretty demoralized for awhile. A year previously, the company I was working for went under. Being unemployed once a year is not the career path of choice. Add to it that I could probably get any low-paying hardware support job I want but Technical Writing gigs are a little hard to come by.

    I'm starting to see some action in terms of available positions and potential employer interest in my CV so I'm feeling a bit better now.

    As Michael said, don't mess around. You've got an income at present so pour 100% of your resources into finding a new job ASAP. If you can pull it off, maybe you can get a new gig and start earning pay before your severance packages runs out.

    Start out by updating your CV to include your last job. No doubt you picked up some new skill sets so make sure they're included.

    When you start getting interviews, you don't have to be entirely candid about why you were let go from the current job. You could site creative differences (that works for me as an author), the desire to expand your horizons or some other vague statement. If the laws in the UK are anything like here in the US, when they call your old employer for references, all they are authorized to say is that you worked for them in such-and-such a position for X amount of time.

    We've all had jobs that tanks on us for one reason or another. The blow is harsh but it's temporary. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game. Good luck, mate. :)
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  8. Mitzs
    Honorary Member

    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess

    Sorry to hear that noelg, I hope you find one fast. Keep up your spirits and just remember when door closes another one opens.
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  9. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    Thank you guys so much. Trip and Michael, I have polished up CV. I did it last nite cos I knew I was going to go anyway...and have already applied for jobs.

    But Trip you are right in what you say, I have picked up new skills, even stuff I didnt know I could do but I was able to do it anyway without any help, so that shows something. I have included all the new stuff I have learnt in my CV and I will keep looking for new jobs everyday and hopefully fingers crossed, before the money runs out, I should have a new job with more pay.

    Simon, lol...yes at least I did finally get the A+ from them. They gave a chance and thats all I asked for. Now I have some experience with me (more than I can imagine really), I am ready for a new challenge.
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  10. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Good deal. Treat "getting a job" as your current, full-time, 40-hour per week job. If you truly do that, and hit the pavement and knock on doors and talk to other IT professionals about hidden opportunities and e-mail your CV to the four winds, you will be much more likely to find another job.
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  11. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Sorry obout the job loss but at least you know now what I have learned.

    1.treat customers as customers not friends
    2.treat work collegues as work collegues (untill you get to know them really well)
    3.Someone will always stab you in the back if they think it will advantageous to them
    4.some people are just ***s and will do you wrong just for the sake of it

    I know this sound depressing but its true there are not too many nice people around and unfortunatley for people who are nice its them who get the bad end of the stick.
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  12. supag33k

    supag33k Kilobyte Poster

    Sorry to hear the news Noel.

    Basically hit the ground running and when you get another job dont tell the previous employers where you are!

    ...one door closes and another door opens...and you need to do what is best for your career.

    Personally I have stated that I still have a job when I was shafted so that the new folks would not ring the old folks - in case they want to shaft you again.

    This worked for me as I got a temp job, without mentioning the last job, it only works for a few weeks or so but this is all you might need.

    I had no hesitation in doing this as I have been badly treated by at least one employer previously, and besides I have a young family to provide for and their needs come first.

    Finally I always manitain a "professional distance" from co-workers and customers as a matter of course...unless they are existing friends.

    EDIT: I recently had the "pleasure" of meeting the folks that shafted me 5 years ago at a vendor presentation. They did the same deal to a couple of other decent techs and no-one decent works for them apparently. I pointed out that I have more experience and better certs than any two of their current young techs....I got a dirty look or two ...but the vendor came up after they left and shook my hand.

    Just my two cents worth buddy!


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  13. Headache

    Headache Gigabyte Poster

    Sorry to hear about that, mate. You're definitely gonna find something better down the road, don't stress it.
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  14. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    I agree with you wholeheartedly here mate...its something to learn from and as you say its those who are nice that get the bad end indeed...

    supag33k, I shall bear that in mind and it sounds like a plan...I like how u showed those that shafted you what you had achieved even if they didnt like the sound of it...but you stood up to them and thats the main thing...gives me more confidence now than ever before...thank you all :biggrin
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  15. Leehaa

    Leehaa Gigabyte Poster

    Wow - Noel so sorry to hear that. Just catching up with reading the forums and saw this...

    You do realise that things can only get better now though eh? :biggrin :biggrin

    Take care, thinkin of ya!
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