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Aviva is latest insurance firm to cut IT jobs

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    Aviva is latest insurance firm to cut IT jobs

    IT workers will be hit by 1,100 job cuts to be made by insurance company Norwich Union Life, owned by Aviva.

    Most of the job cuts are in business change and IT, with the rest spread across other areas of the company, said the UK's largest insurer. A total of 590 contract positions will also be cut.

    But natural turnover and redeployment mean the number of permanent employees who will leave the company is estimated to be about 800, said Aviva.

    Mark Hodges - CEO at Norwich Union Life, which is the Aviva business affected - said the company has made progress in improving its operational efficiency and is also nearing completion on a series of major change projects.

    "Unfortunately, this means that a reduction in the number of roles in the business is inevitable," he said.

    Read the rest of the story here.

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    1. greenbrucelee
      Seems to me every firm is like this. Their computers etc are working so they think why do we need these people? and when the **** hits the fan and they are left wondering why they got rid of the people who maintained and fixed them and then they have to hire new people. Its a false economy.
    2. Toasty
      Norwich Union have always had apolicy of hire and fire, one year they take on 500 people and the next year 500 go.
    3. greenbrucelee
      crazy, Norwich union suck they tried to charge me £1200 for my car insurance because it has 19" wheels on it which is classed as a modification whears as swinton want £350 now who do you think I went with?:D

      Back to topic :D
    4. Metalstar
      To be fair to NU/Aviva - this sounds more like the truth than other "we are more efficient" lay-offs recently.

      I spoke to one of the IT bods from Aviva (I am employed in IT for a financial services company) in the middle of last year, he sent me a copy of press email that went out. Said they were very proud to have cut the number of separate systems in use from 550ish to about 350!

      Aviva bought a ton of other companies and never seemed to successfully integrate them, there service is truly awful and it normally comes down to the staff not being able to see what is going on. They were the last company to sort out sending data to our back office system, which is terrible considering they are one of the biggest.
    5. BrizoH
      Cutting jobs, yet I wonder what the cost of their recent ad campaign with "Walter" Willis etc amounted to...

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