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AVG flip-flops over fake traffic fiasco

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jul 7, 2008.

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    AVG flip-flops over fake traffic fiasco

    Security vendor AVG has issued an updated version of its AVG 8 anti-virus software that fixes the fake traffic issue that has caused a huge online backlash amongst web masters the world over...The Register was the first to notice a spike in site traffic in May. It was a little perplexed as not only did it have more readers than ever before but "more than a few ho-hum stories attracted an audience worthy of a Pulitzer Prize winner." A little digging from El Reg discovered that the real culprit was not a sudden and dramatic upsurge in the demand for technology news, but rather some odd behaviour by a malware scanner. When AVG acquired Exploit Prevention Labs it also got its hands on a malware scanning tool called LinkScanner. This quite cleverly pre-scans your search engine results before you start link-clicking to filter out malicious hits.

    The full story is at ITWire.com.
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