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    Its true!! I rang AOL and I was acting as a customer who was thinking about getting ADSL. I told the guy I had 4 telephone points but didnt really want to use the ext boxes. How can I connect my ADSL from the main socket to the room upstairs where the PC is? The guy responded with using an ADSL ext cable. I asked wouldnt it be better to use a normal ext cable? The guy said we dont really advise of that cos from past experience (I wonder :roll: ) this has caused problems. it only causes problems if the distance for the ext cable is of more than about 10m or so. so I concluded with so I need to have the filter at main socket and ADSL ext cable going upstairs and he said yes. well I suppose the guy is right but I am still sticking with my solution of having ext cable at main socket and filter upstairs cos not everyone can afford these ADSL least I hope they can.
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    Hi Waliu, I'm not too sure what the problem is but I run a normal telephone extension cable from the filter to my router with no problems at all. :wink:
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