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Anyone into Witcher

Discussion in 'Gamers Hangout' started by wiedzmin, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. wiedzmin

    wiedzmin New Member

    Lately I've been playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition. The game's mature theme with incredibly gray choices in a dark world with a great and well written story, newer been deeply interested into a game for a long time.

    Thought to give it a try after reading tons of very approved previews, comments, and watching some game play footage videos for the upcoming game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

    You play as Geralt of Riva, a witcher with no past. As you go through the game you will explore people, places, also make choices that will fulfill your past as what kind of a person you where and how did you end up losing your memory.
    The main story is very interesting as it always makes you think what will happen next as you make a choice the game continues the way you have chosen. Great environments, also graphics are up to date except some what call combat flaws which for me the combat seemed pretty straight forward and based on timely accurate clicks, different from most games but still enjoyable. Huge amount of quests that are you, but you still are not able to accomplish every single one of them in a play through, as you make your choices everything behaves to your way of judgement. Mainly the game consists of three major choices, but as you play your way through the game and make your progress towards your way of view it leads to different things happening throughout the game. The ending was worth spending my time, playing the whole game! :biggrin
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  2. Mariusz

    Mariusz Byte Poster

    chyba za duzo napisales i nikomu sie tego czytac nie chce :-)
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  3. kobem

    kobem Megabyte Poster

    What a title, it is one of the best games i played and completed. Such a spectacular experience. Waiting for Witcher 2
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