Anyone has a Honor Play?

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    I used to have a OnePlus 3T, this was the first dual sim phone that I've used - I loved this phone, I could see why it was branded as the Techie Phone. However as my other half needed a replacement phone, I gave her the 3T and got myself an ASUS Zenfone AR. Tech wise it was comparable with the added support of the then Google Tango. In reality... It is sh*t, the battery doesn't last a full day - I could understand it if I used it constantly, but after doing about 5 mins of surfing the web and two duolingo lessons, the battery can drop between 10-15%. ASUS initially stated that the phone would be upgradeabe to Android 8, now it's saying that it won't... I've only had this phone for about 9 months and have already had to send the phone back due to a faulty screen. Now the OnePlus 3T which came with Android 6, was upgraded to Android 8 and now OnePlus is saying that it will get Android 9. Anyway that is my history with the lesson of never buy ASUS phones again...

    So, looking at budget replacement phones as the ZenfoneAR is not practical, I came across the Honor Play... What are your thoughts on it? Within my budget it's within it. It's got decents specs and the battery life is 1 1/2 days instead of the 3/4 day that I'm experiencing... I also found the following reviews:

    Play Durability
    Play Review

    But what do you think?
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