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    I planned to get a Lacie Ethernet mini storage disc so I could a)use it to back up both my desktop and laptop b)more storage and c)a central point of storage/connectivity so if my desktop isn't on then my laptop can access a huge range of things all the time because my router never gets turned off :D

    Lacie must be having problems with them because the due date keeps altering. I waited until the end of May for dispatch to see on the website it get changed to "end of june". On top of this it didn't exactly get a good review in a Mac mag.

    I have come accross this
    from Linksys but it states that it isn't compatible with the Windows file system. :(

    What I take this to mean is that when you hook up an external USB drive to it must format it in it's own file system. I have contacted Linksys as what I want to know is surely it is compatible with FAT32 as it is soley advertised as being for a Windows machine.
    Has anyone got one of these or know whether i have misread something? Surely all it means is that once the Linksys device has formatted your USB hard drive you cannot expect to unplug it and use it on another windows machine?
    This won't affect using the files stored on it on another machine :blink

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