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any old box will do?

Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by keithmoon, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. keithmoon

    keithmoon Byte Poster

    I have a customer who is with tesco broadband. currently they have a speedtouch modem (sent by tesco's) connected to a belkin router (no rj11 port) via a cat 5 cable in order to create a wirless connection. the problem is that frequently when loading pages an error message appears from thomson speedtouch stating that the web page could not be contacted please click the below link to try again. the below link it refers to is the same url as previously tried which again does not work. after an hour or so passes the problem resolves itself, alternativly switching both modem and router off and on cures it for a few hours also. has anyone came across this problem before? i was planning on installing a new router with modem built in anyway and was wondering if i could use any brand of router? would there be any issues now that i wasnt using tescos speedtouch? also would i just have to configure the username details and password? or is there further settings that would need adjusting?

    thanks all in advance :)
  2. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    Sounds like theirs a glitch either with the modem or the ISP and your losing connection. Not uncommon. I hadn't had that for a while but I've had to reset my modem twice in the past week. I think it's possibly connected to the modems DHCP lease failing to renew but that's only a barely-educated guess.
    Any router should work and, in my experience, most have the correct default settings apart from username and password.

    Personally, I'd try and resolve the connection issue before replacing the modem. If it's a problem at the ISP end a new modem-router won't make any difference. The modem will have an LED indicating its internet connection status, ask the user to monitor that LED. If it's a problem with the ISPs modem or the ISPs connection then it's up to the ISP top resolve the issue.
    NOTE: The ISP will NOT help you if you are not using the supplied modem. These things usually have diagnostics that generate error codes and you'll not get past the first-line script readers without those error codes. Make sure your user keeps the modem in a safe place after you replace it and make sure you have the software to hand as well, just in case there's a problem in the future.
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  3. keithmoon

    keithmoon Byte Poster

    cheers mate

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