Announcement: VMWare 5 RC 1 released

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Phoenix, Jan 29, 2005.

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    VMWare 5 Release Candidate 1 has been released
    the primary difference with this release is that they have disabled the DEBUG mode, allowing standard performance!

    heres the email

       Dear VMware customer,
       We are pleased to announce that VMware Workstation 5 RC1 is now available.  The highlights of this release are:
       * Updated wizard for Teams
       * Templates to better support clones
       * Enhanced command line interface
       * Option to create 'legacy' virtual machines
       * Debug mode disabled
       * Localization support for Japanese
       * Experimental support for Direct3D
       You can download the binaries by clicking on Download Beta
       Once you download the binaries from the location above, your serial keys will be automatically sent to you via email.
       Thank you for participating in the beta program.  We look forward to your feedback.
       Best regards,
       The VMware Team
    remember you need to be a registered user to get this beta, sorry folks :)
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  2. tripwire45
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    Hopefully, it's less buggy than the beta I've been working with. I'll be upgrading to it this weekend I hope.
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